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HC 35mm f35 is it a normal 35 or has it an effect



Hello, the brochure states 'a retro focus lens with an 89 deg diagonal angle of view'.
Can someone explain 1) What retro focus is and 2) the diagonal angle of view.
Does this mean it is designed to have some kind of wide angle distortion on purpose.
Would the lens be usefull for lanscape shots of houses taken at some distance to avoid any converging lines. Or is it not usefull for any type of architectual work. Sometimes I get asked to photograph house/front gardens, the 80mm is ok when I can get the distance to fit it all in. If it does not I go back to a fuji ga645zi with the built in 55-90. Does anyone have any test shots taken with an 80 or 50 and the 35 of the same scene to compare ?