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HassyFuji 90mm f4


New Member
Dear X-PAN friends,
what do you think about Hass/Fuji 90mm f:4 ?? Is it good like the 45mm f:4 ?? Can someone tell me any considerations of it before I purchase ?
Many thanks,
kind regards to averybody.
Massimo Vannozzi - Italy
Ciao Massimo,
I have the same question, because I need to have one lense that is less wide. But what interess me to know is wich kind of panoramic view it is possible to have.?. it seems evident, but for me the panoramic view is tied with wide angle of view. How it will be with the 90mm that is a normal lense.?! Did someone have some experience?
It's a great lens, as good as the 45mm. It doesn't vignette so there is no need to put the center filter on - which makes it an even faster lens than the 45...

Compared to Leica format it handles like a cropped 50 lens, quite handy for portraits/groups in street photography, for instance.<center>
With regards to the xpan 90mm lens. In my experience the normal view is no less impressive the that of the wider lenses. However it has extremely narrow focus (depth of field). I use it in situation where I cannot get close enough. Such as looking up at or down from a building or other high place. With shooting portraits it can get tricky. For ex&le at f8 and a distance of 8 feet you have less than 6 inches of depth of field so it is very easy to get the film back and have a some images with focus problems if you shoot at closer distances. I use both the 45 and 90 and find the 90 to work best with well lit and distant objects. I have many xpan images on my site ( and have attached a jpeg of the two lenses for your comparison. Both are set to f8 and 8 foot in distance.
Hi Lutz ! Nice to meet you
and thanks for your I'm more persuaded about the goodness of 90mm.

Ciao Laurent ! nice to meet you... Now we must buy the 90mm. too !!...For the 30mm f:5,6 yet early !!! € 3000,00 are very long

However the X-pan II is truly fantastic and amusing ! I'm very happy to use it.

Good light to everybody !!!
Hi, Andrew !!
thanks a lot for your precious article !! Fine your panoramic reportage in Netherlands !! Many compliments.

please stick to the topics. Lens questions in the lens thread, body questions in the body threads. We moved this one here.