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Hasselblad V series vs Mamiya 7 2 Help please


New Member
Hi all,

I am sorry to possibly rehash here but I am interested in your valued opinions. I know that there are some very accomplished photographers on this forum.

I am debating whether to get the Blad or Mamiya. My work is mainly landscapes and street work. I am interested in getting into more portraiture. I have been lucky enough to borrow a friends old 500cm with prism finder and 4 very fine lenses from wide to long. I have always dreamed of owning a Blad system; there is some romance attached to that.

But in the short time I have used the 500cm I have found it a little on the heavy side and I am still adjusting to the camera. I realize this is the way the camera will feel given its build but I want to know will my experience with its ease of use change and should I persist. The alternative Mamiya is a different camera I know. I like RF'S but know of some of the limitations of this system. The Mamiya does produce a fine tranny/neg also.

I currently use a 5D with some nice glass but have been lured by MF for a long time now and want to make the right decision. I have not used a Mamiya 7 yet for the record but having used an M7 for sometime have an idea as to its workings.

I'd really appreciate any opinions on the above.

Many thanks,

The Mamiya will never be digital capable.

If that is of no consequence, then select which ever fits your needs best.

IMO, the Mamiya 7II is the one to get for that camera (brighter renagefinder). The later 503CW with TTL flash control to ISO 3200 is one for the Hasselblad.

IMO, based on having used both for many years, the Hasselblad is far more versatile with endless variations to accomidate shifting photographic interests as one grows and explores. It is also less fragile. Close-up work is far more convenient than with a rangefinder.

The Mamiya is an easy travel companion and a bit more "street" friendly. The wide angles are superb.

IMO, the one to have is the Hasselblad, if you are having only one.
Thank you Marc,

I value your opinion and regularly read your posts with interest. Yes, the model I would purchase is the 503CW. It really is an amazing piece of machinary. I feel the best track for me is to persist with the Blad. i saw an amazing B&W picture hanging in an old school here in Melbourne yesterday. It was blown up one metre square and was taken on a Blad. It was a portrait of a man and it totally enthralled me. I think it was there as a token suggestion as to what I should purchase.

I will get back onto the horse tomorrow and continue my shooting.
Jason, I have used the Mamiya 7II but not owned one. I totally agree with every comment that Marc made.

I only add that if the following aspects are very important to you, then an investment in a Mamiya 7II system is a very good one. You just have to understand that it is no "substitute" for a Hasselblad 6x6 SLR.

The aspects are: no interest in ever wanting to use digi-backs; most of your photography interest demands wide angle lenses; convenience/size of kit/weight etc. must be kept to a minimum but you want 120 film.

Those attributes could be said to apply to rangefinder cameras per se (in any format) and they are what many shooters look for. They are when the Mamiya 7II comes into its best like Marc said.

But for general versatility and image quality the Hasselblad is in front.
Hello Simon,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I just love this forum, there is so much passion and interest. I've taken all of your points.
Whilst convenience/size is important, it's not beyond the realms of a Hasselblad. I love the 6x6 format. It is one of the most striking things seeing a 1x1 metre print up on a wall-blows me away.
I've been using a friends Hasselblad (500cm) with 4 beautiful lenses. I'm not a pro so don't get to spend as much time as I'd like on it but I am falling in love with it. I do want to upgrade to digital in the future so the Hasselbld is my choice. A 503cw is what I'd love when the $$ are there.
In the meantime I will keep practicing with the 500cm.

Thanks again,

Also, the Mamiya 7II has slower lenses, which was a consideration for me. I bought a Plaubel Makina 670 for a "compact 6x7 folder" (ha ha) because it had an f2.8 lense, instead of the Mamiya (or others) that have f4 lenses. I like the extra stop, and I like shooting wide open for the bokeh.


Jason said:

[[I'm not a pro so don't get to spend as much time as I'd like on it but I am falling in love with it.]]

I too am not a pro, and like you I fell in love with the V series system.

10-15 years before I had a Bronica SQA system, liked it very much, but the V series is the pinnacle.

You will not be disappointed waiting for a 503CW - mine is by my side more than any other camera.
Thanks Austin,

I'm not familiar with that camera but will research it.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your words. I ran off a B&W roll during the week and a color trannie roll of Provia 400. I will get the results back early next week. I cannot wait to see the results. I used the borrowed 500cm and a long lens, around 250mm I think. Anyway I was so impressed by the screen I was viewing and the color rendition through the finder. Perhaps I will have a couple scanned and posted for next week.