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Hasselblad TeleTessar T 40350 FE

I have heard great thing about the Hasselblad Tele-Tessar T* 4.0/350 FE and last week I took the risk despite the poor MTF chart shows and bought the lens. However, I cannot test my lens out until my digital back, P30+, gets here in 2 weeks. Does anyone have this lens and know the signature of it in terms of resolution and bokeh. Also how good is the close up distance resolution? If this lens turn out to be good I may consider to add the 205 back into the system.
Speaking of the 205, does anyone knows that I can convert the camera to digital so that I can use a CF back without having to worry about the extra cable to get it to work? If this can be done any idea the cost, where, and time to get it back?


If you have a 200 series camera, why not test with some film. If not rent what you need and enjoy it. Forget about the charts and just use it.


I sold all my Hasselblad and Contax 645 systems a year ago, with the few exceptions (lenses only), to try out other systems such as Leica DMR/R9, M8, Mamiya 645 AFD II, and Rollei 6008 AF/P20 which I still have and like. Therefore, despite I have the MAM-1 adapter but I have no body to use with the system. I had ordered the Contax 645 Kit already and it will also be here next week. Thus, nothing can be done now and no rental store is close enough to get body to shoot with.