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Hasselblad SWC


Hi everyone great forum here glad I stumbled onto it.
My questions are, I am about to buy an SWC, primarily for B&W lanscapes, can someone tell me what is the finders veiw like, obviously it would not be reversed as all other blads, but does it give you a true indication of what the lens sees?, as in wide angle perspective and how is focusing acheived, is it basicly guesswork.
Also what would be a fair price US for a well used but very good version?.
Thanks and great forum!.

The finder is pretty acurate, but...

It distorts quite a lot (do not expect to see frame edges that are straight; they curve quite a bit).

And the lens blocks out the lower part of the finder's image.

Focussing is indeed basic guesswork.

To get around both finder and focusing issues, you can use a ground glass back.
But then you get a reversed and upside down image.

Using the new type ground glass SWC adapter (HASSELBLAD Number 3041050) and the reflex viewer RMfx (3047070) you get an image reversed left to right but not upside down . The RMfx viewer is very easy to use and very good for people who have to wear glasses .
I use both and find it quite easy to work with .
With the older type of ground glass adapter , the image you see on screen is not as bright , because that adapter does not have an ACUTE MATTE SCREEN .
Just as I thought,thanks for the advise.
A further question, to use the ground glass screen obviously the back needs to be off and on quite a lot, does the back go straight back on top of the screen or does the screen need to be removed every time after you use it?.
Have you found it difficult to get focus spot on using basic guesswork with the standard SWC?.

Just remove the the ground glass adapter with the viewer attached and replace it by the magazine . This is very easy and no problem at all . A kind of "tripod buttler" is very helpful , to put the adapter into a save place .