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Hasselblad Service


New Member
I wonder if any of you have any suggestions. I have a PME45 viewfinder. I inadvertantly damaged the focussing ring and the repairers here in Australia were given an ETA for parts at end of April. This is pretty poor from my perspective. Are there any other sources?

Thanks in advance.
Hasselblad in Sweden charges for handling, shipping and insurance.
These charges have gone up quite considerably.
Your Hasselblad importer waits for more orders to spread these costs.

You can try an independant spares and repair specialist in Holland:

Wilco Jansen

He will order parts more frequently and ships worldwide.
It will be a great help if you have the partnumbers for the items you


It is my pleasure to be able to help you.
Parts are only supplied to factory recognised repair centers.

The importer of Hasselblad in Holland is not able to order parts
because they do not have a repair facility.

Hasselblad tries to persuade owners of defective equipment to use the repair facility in Sweden.
For small jobs this is costly and time consuming.


It is true for Europe.
It goes for Holland, Belgium,Germany and probably all other European

Hasselblad users in the US are lucky that the importer provides better service.

It is quite clear that service policy differs around the globe.

Service policy in the US is much better than here in Europe . Customers in the US have much more rights and trough them also much better consumer protection .
Mr.Nader , for ex&le , taught the international car industry the meaning of fear .
The consequences were , that the quality of cars increased a lot .
I wish , we would have such a strong customer protection here in Europe .

It is no problem to order parts from Hasselblad/Germany in Ahrensburg for me and I am not a repairman, just a good old customer. Parts can be pricey however.


Things have changed quite a bit at Ahrensburg with the arrival of new management i.e. Claes Milton.

One of my colleagues was recently refused parts because he is not a recognised repair company and does not have the qualifications and tools to do service and repairs on Hasselblad cameras according to Hasselblad Ahrensburg.

I could buy any parts I needed in Holland till the import closed a couple of years ago.
The new importer of Hasselblad in Holland and Belgium does not even get parts information from the factory in Sweden.

I gave them a copy of this information on CDrom that is floating around on Ebay.

I certainly hope you will get the parts you need in the future but I doubt that Ahrensburg will be the source.


Paris have one too, the "5 victors", recognised repair center for hasselblad france.

Have never tried it but... well Wilco Jansen ( HUIZEN, Holland ) , a good and serious technical, not so expensif !

send it your problem and see.....?

regards, yepaaaa

Not sure this is true of service in the Uk, the people at Hasselblad UK in Elstree have always shown to be polite courteous and helpful. Any problems we have had with equipment has been resolved within an hour, quick drive to the premises. Even on the phone the advice from the technical section has been quick.

The only problem we had was with getting CFV ex&les from them to consider purchase of the CFV back but this was down to the marketing department not the service department.

Hardy Hause used to be at Hasselblad Uk, an excellent ex&le of customer care if there ever was one. Even today we phoned them up to ask about the CFV ex&les, noted on this forum and got a return call from Ben Boswell, enthusiastic to progress the query, we also discovered that we could purchase the CFV with 12 months interest free.

Past equipment requirements such as the arcflex body or belows extention has always been met with enthusiast response to trace and find any request. May be this will clarify the UK position as the Hasselblad team, including the receptionists are second to none for polite telephone manner and profesionalism. best wishes, Carl