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I have got a brand new recharge unit 1 (part number 3056024)
there is no user manual with it , just a sheet , telling you the normal safety precautions for electric devices.
how long is the charging time for the accus ?????
Is there a overloading protection ?????
It is mentioned , that the charging device is for NiCd batteries.
The ones i have are NiMH.
Can the charging device also be used for these new type batteries ?????
Any help is appreciated .
Regards jotloob
I do not have that charger, but all the 'generic' chargers I have have

separate switch settings for NiCd and NiMH. I would bet that they are

not 100% compatible.
The recharging time is 14 hours per completely empty accu. So double that time when recharging two empty ones simultaneously.

No, there is no protection against overcharging. Use a timer.

Whether it will work for NiMH, i dare not say. Sorry!
> Hello David Thanks for your response . Your statement gives me the confidence , that nothing can really go wrong with the recharge unit 1 when loading the NiMH batteries . It looks as if there is no overloading protection , but if i control the recharge time carefully , it will not be a problem . I have looked at your web pages . Very interesting . I bookmarked the webpage . Thanks again . Regards Jürgen