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Hasselblad PM3


New Member
I am intersted to buy another PM metered prism. I have a PM prism with CFV.

I have an opoturnity to get PME 3. Is that any good and what different from PME 5?

Welcome at the forum with a first post!

The later PME the better.
The PME3 is an excellent metering prism.
Later ones have been improved to be less dependant of battery condintion.
These later prism are corrected for use with brighter Acute Matte focusing screens.
Early PMEs can be adjusted to the Acute Matte screens.
Most PME 3 prisms are adjusted for Acute Matte.


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I understand that the electronics are different, however..would still PME3 still a good buy? I understand it is a good meter.
From what i was reading that the PME5 is better acting in extrem temp. I am not planning of taking my hassies to north pole or Desert...yet.

If you suggested me to get PME3 i will go for it. otherwise convice me to get PME5...
is the EV reading out same in PME3 and PME5? same look?

Thank you!
The PME 3 and the PME 5 are quite similar in design and construction.
The main difference is the bottom end of the PME 5 that has a cut out to allow use with 200 series cameras.
The cut out is necessary to allow a view at the display of 200 series cameras.

The PME 51 is the last from this range of metering prisms.
The circuitry is once again improved.
Do not think improvements mean a serious change in performance.
Even now the earliest one in this range, the VFC-6, is still being used daily with good reliable results.

Compared with the early VFC-6 the PME versions are more accurate with low light levels and less dependant on temperature of the environment.

If the PME 3 is offered at a decent price I would not hesitate to go for it.

It's impossible to fitt a PM3 on a 203FE. I modify my old PM for my 202FA and it was a serious modification (not only cut !). That makes my PM impossible to resale.
I do not see a problem fitting a PME3 to any camera from the 200 series.
Only thing is the display that will not be available to read.

Once a modified bottom frame is fitted the display is available again.
Could be this part is still available from Hasselblad.
I only will use the PME 3 on my two 500CMs.

Looks like a Hasselblad PME3 is a good buy if it is a good price.

Thank you all!

I bought the PME3 mint for 149 dollars...and I tested it and it is a good light meter!

Thank you so much all for advice and info!

You certainly found a bargain.
I wish you much fun and many good pictures with the PME 3.

  • Canon - Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
  • 50.0 mm
  • ƒ/3.2
  • 1/125 sec
  • Auto exposure
  • ISO 100

Here is a strong modification of a old PM to be fitted on a 202FA


  • pm_modif_4_202.jpg
    49.4 KB · Views: 40
I add 3 flash contacts on the PM and in the hole there was a switch for the trigger of an integered TTL flash metter. Unfortunaly, the cell was too sensible for IR so I have alway to care ablout the results when I was outside with the mix with artificial light ! The wire fix on lens x-contact.

Then Hasselblad made TTL flash witch works fine.

There was even some contacts for Nikon flash to inform the flash status inside th PM ( 2 leds).
If I have time I will put inside a cordless master for slave-flashes. Why not to put smal removable flash "à la H" witch can help for reportages.

I consider this PM impossible to sell !!