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Hasselblad & Metz Flash



I've just got an old Metz 32CT3 flash with Powergrip G15. I tested the flash itself and it works okay.

(1) Apart from buying the flash accessory for 500C/M, do I still need to buy the SCA390 adapter from Hassy? Any alternatives?

(2) Do you recommend a 32CT3 one is adequate if I just shoot flash photography for items a couple of meters away? Thanks.
the sca390 adapter from Hasselblad is for TTL flashing mainly, also it shows if flash is ready to fire and so on. As far as I know only the 503, the 553 and maybe the 500ELX and for sure the 200 models have support for that feature. With this cameras you can use TTL (through the lens) support and use that adapter to measure the light with your camera and send that information to you flash. If you are using a 500C/M it is necessary to use the standard cable to connect your lens with the flash for sync. The flash automatic will do messuring than.
Thanks Claus
The 32CT3 doesn't have a flash sync connection,which is needed for the 500C/M as the camera has no hot shoe. Other flashes can be connected by a simple sync cord, but an extra step is needed with the 32CT3.

I don't know it the Powergrip has a flash sync socket built in. I also don't know if the SCA adaptor will do, even though there is not TTL flash with the 500.

BUT, I do know that flash shoes with a sync socket built in can be bought. The flash sits on the extra shoe and the sync cord goes from the shoe to the camera lens. Should work!

The flash is a pretty good little performer with good power (Guide Number 32). With 100 ISO film, you use f16 at 2 metres. So plenty of power up close. Can be read off the back of the flash.

PS. I am not sure what you mean by 'the flash accessory from Hasselblad...if you mean the little shoe that sits on the side, then this will not power the flash, but just provides a place for it to sit.
"The sca390 adapter from Hasselblad is for TTL flashing" only (!).

Your 500 C/M does not have anything the SCA TTL electronics can hook up to, so no, you do not (!!!) need the SCA 390.

The list of cameras that do have a sensor inside the body includes:

- 503 CX and 503 CXi
- 503 CW
- 500 ELX, 553 ELX and 555 ELD
- and all 200-series models: 201 F, 202 FA, 203 FE and 205 TCC/FCC.

Using a 500 C/M (or any other camera not in the list above), all you need is a PC-synch cord connecting the unit to the synch socket on the lens or body (2000-series focalplane shutter cameras).
The "standard" foot that is available for the flash unit will therefor do. But you need something to convert from hot-shoe to cable (like Nick describes).
Thanks all of your replies.

Something to add for the discussion...

(1) The PowerGrip G15 has a sync cable to the lens. However the 32CT3 itself has not.
(2) The flash accessory I mean is the "cold" shoe which slides into the side of the camera.

(3) Any other options if I just use CT3 but not G15 and still have a sync cable connected to the lens?
re (3)
What Nick said:

BUT, I do know that flash shoes with a sync socket built in can be bought. The flash sits on the extra shoe and the sync cord goes from the shoe to the camera lens. Should work!

They do work.
For what it's worth I have a Metz 32MZ-3 which only has SCA type connection (no sync cable). I also have a SCA 390 hasselblad connection cable this can still be used with a 500CM. You only connect the sync cable to the lens sync socket. The coiled TTL cable is redundant with the 500CM. By using this arrangement any SCA flash can be used with the 500CM but you don't have the TTL facility. You can only use Manual or Auto (Apture Preferred) modes.
Thanks for your input. I'll try finding one in local camera shop for Metz options. If not just take the Hassy coiled one.