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Hasselblad lxpress V96C Digital Back


Hello All:

Hasselblad lxpress V96C Digital Back.

I know there is a Digital Backs thread, and I posted there also (for maximum exposure). Please forgive.

Has anyone "test driven" or purchased the latest V Series Digital Back? I'm looking for user reviews. I see the sensor dimensions are 36x36. Does that mean, therefore, that all CF CFi CFE focal lengths will be different with the back in use?? That is, wide is not so wide, etc.

(Sorry, digital used to mean something to do with fingers and toes during my first 50 years !! I am still a digital virgin :-( )

Thanks. Colin
No, the focal lengths themselves stay the same.
;-) (They really do)

The smaller sensor 'crops' away a good part of what a lens would produce on film. You'll end up with only 64%.

With a sensor of 36 mm, the image on film being 56 mm wide, the factor is 56/36 = 1.55
So the sensor will crop the image of, say, your 40 mm lens to what you would get on full frame/film using a 40 * 1.55 = 62 mm lens, etc.
(That, approximately "60 mm", is the widest you will get.)
Thanks, QGdeB, for your information, and for very EFFECTIVELY reminding me that the focal length is "still" the focal length. I won't ask what you mean when you write that "60mm is the widest you get".. Heh heh heh.

BTW, the answers to my same V96C question at the Digital Backs Thread section have been excellent (too), and I am once again amazed how muxh information this site's patrons can provide, so quickly and so selflessly. Take a peek.