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Hasselblad lenses 80 mm Optron Pl T


New Member
I have a one question. I just bought hassy 500CM with 80 hasselblad Pl T* Optron (indexed as lenses made in West Germany). The real problem is that shutter blades is damaged and needs to be replaced. I searched for damaged 80 mm Hasselblad lenses, but the search result is zerro. So I am asking for help what I have. My 80 mm is Carl Zeiss 80 mm Planar made by Hasselblad? It looks 1:1 like Planar T*80. But I need to be sure (maybe I need different shutter blades)

I found the following info on one of the newsgroups: "Carl Zeiss marked their lenses manufactured for sale in the Warsaw Pact countries 'Opton'. This was due to the fact that the Zeiss trademark was owned by the East German Zeiss firm in those countries." I would expect that this is identical to the Planar of the same year of manufacture, but you should check with Carl Zeiss to be sure. (

Ownership of the Zeiss name was disputed. It was not owned by the East German part of Zeiss.
Litigation took a long time. Figures, because both East and West oparts of Carl Zeiss were just that: parts of the Carl Zeiss company, seperated by the Iron Curtain. So how to decide which of the two parts is the real Zeiss when both are?

Meanwhile, and after litigation ended, Zeiss Oberkochen sold their goods branded "Opton" (supposed to be contructed somehow out of "Optische Werke Oberkochen"): for some years as Zeiss-Opton in the West, for three decades as just "Opton" in the East.

The dispute included the familiar lens design names. That's why the this 80 mm Planar is not marked "Planar", but "Pl" instead.
Same was done to the other design type names; just the first two letters were used.

Opton or Carl Zeiss, Pl or Planar, all lenses came from the very same production line. Apart from the printed manufacturer and type names, and serial number (Zeiss used different serial numbers for their "East-bound" products) there are no differences whatsoever.