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Hasselblad Ixpress CFH 22MB


New Member
Hi All

I have just acquired a H2 Kit with Ixpress CFH 22mb digital back. The kit is very new, about 2000 odd actuation on both body and lens, firmware is the latest 9.4.1. Ixpress CFH firmware is 245, is this the latest?

Currently, it seems like all my CF card arent able to work in the CFH, the cards are Kingston 4GB 133x, Transcend 4GB and 2GB 120x. Whenevr I put in the card, it says The card is defective, No media present.

However, my Kingston 16GB 133x cf card works but can only format to 8GB.

Anyone, can advise?

Nope, it cant format the card at all because though the card was inserted, the back treat it as no media. very strange.... thanks


try to format your card on the workstation PC or MAC first.
it should work.

best regards,

I have tried that, it doesnt work, all my CF card I mentioned didnt work except for the Kingston 16Gb 133x works consistently. Is there any particular brand that works, like only Sandisk Extreme or Ultra II?

Btw, can i confirm that even with the latest firmware for the CFH back, it can only except 8GB CF card at most.
Not sure about Kingston CFs, but some CFs have a tiny switch on the card that limits the size. I had a Lexar that did that. Check to see if that's the case here with your 16 gig card.

Even though the camera said there was no media, did you go through the motions of re-formatting?

No issues with any Sandisk CFs from 2 gig to 32 gig, all write speeds including Extreme IVs and Ducati's

BTW, just got a tech memo from Hasselbald about use of 32 gig CFs in the H3Ds ... it's now confirmed that only the 50 meg model had the curruption issue and Hasselbald has issued new firmware to correct the problem (available on the Hasselblad site.) They are good to go in all other H3Ds.

Firmware versions are also available on the Hasselblad site. There is also a section for discontinued models. Again, I'm not sure, but as I recall some earlier models were set up so the user could NOT upgrade the firmware. Do not know if that is true any longer, or if it's true for that specific back. Best to ask Hasselblad Tech.
Thanks all for your input.

The latest firmware solved the problem of formating the 16Gb card, now I am able to format the full 16gb.