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Hasselblad international warranty


Hi folks,
I'd have a question regarding Hasselblad warranty. Is the Hasselblad warranty, with newly purchased items, an international one? On the Hasselblad international webpages it says that the factory warranty is not international. I find this rather strange in a globalized world. For instance, I live and work between different countries, so obviously having an international warranty seems rather important. Can it be that Hasselblad warranties are country-specific? (unlike Leica e.g., where I have first-hand experience)
Anyone has experience here?

Also, for EU countries, would a country-specific warranty be in line with EU regulations?
In the end the factory is always responsible for goods they produce.
High end cameras are a bit difficult because they are not pure consumer goods.
EU legislation for consumers and for professional users is quite different.

Non professional users should be covered by EU consumer regulations.

I suppose a professional user that notices a problem abroad could have the camera
serviced and pay for it to claim this later with his dealer or importer.

I am sorry to report Hasselblad does not always respect EU legislation.
Supply of parts and service information is not up to their discretion.
Any owner should be able to get parts and service information irrespective of
whether he has the job carried out by factory recognised servicecenters or not.
For (new) purchased items I suggest you simply contact your dealer for service, at least that what Hasselblad's warranty information states we should do.

However, I have had great service dealing with Hasselblad directly, here in the US.

Derek Jecxz
Long time Hasselblad users are spoilt rotten.
Most of us remember the days you brought in a camera that needed attention
and got a free loan camera to help out in the mean time.
This service was often offered without even asking.

We could rely on a large international network of service centers.
Hasselblad kept these centers open many years even when they were losing money.

In this era with ever more complicated systems that service is only possible after
you register for hot swap service and pay for it.
It is the price we all have to pay for progress, whether we like it or not.
These days "progress" seems to be a negative thing with a less than desirable result. Almost every time there is "progress" in something it has me wishing for the good old days...............
Digital systems fit perfectly in a world that moves faster and faster.

The days that you went to a photographer with your family and spent an afternoon in a studio to have some pictures made of the family and looked at the first prints 10-14 days later are long gone.

Now we expect prints before we leave the studio to decide which ones will be used for larger prints.

What happened in advertising and press photography does not need further explanation.

Does all this make us happier, whealtier, better photographers?