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Hasselblad Imacon merge



Hi! I'm a new member and this is my first post:

I have just read this piece of news at


8/12/2004 Shriro Sweden, the holding company of Victor Hasselblad AB, and part of the Hong Kong-headquartered Shriro Group, has announced the acquisition of leading international high-end scanner and digital cameraback manufacturer, Imacon. The move will see Imacon and Hasselblad merge to accelerate Hasselblad’s ambitions in the professional digital photographic sector, and creates the first single source supplier for digital photography at the top end of the professional photographic market.
The great significance of this is in the "first single supplier" bit.

MF manufacturers have relied upon digital back manufacturers, "complete strangers" to help them stay in business.
Their fate was completely in the hands of digital back manufacturers, who continued to produce and market digital backs at price levels that could not, by no way of reckoning, compete with the digital excellence we have seen emerging in the "35 mm based", and even consumer product market segments lately (a 14 MP camera for 5K or a 12 MP digital back for 5 times that much, which restricts your choice of lenses to boot. What would you choose?).

Should MF manhufacturers stay passiveley waiting for digital back manufacturers to save their (MF manufacturer's) butt, things may end up very, very bad for MF.

With this merger, the first MF manufacturer takes control of manufacture and marketing of these things that are absolutely vital for their futire existence.
Congratulations Hasselblad!
And could not have made a better choice than Imacon - with their experience and developement of software to their very good scanners they have a great understanding for the essential of the printing industry - you have to make an negative effort to make a picture unsuitable for priting with an imacon setup that be their scanners or their digital ixpress backs - I will join you Q.G: in wishing Hasselblad congratulations on the choice og digital partner!

what a good news , finally the best of those both world, Waouh..;))

Hope that they will understand the needs of consumer to have a quality back at a affordable price.

I'm very happy to had make the good choice of body and lenses now let's wait and see for those backs.