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Hasselblad H2 Rechargeable battery grip problem


New Member
i just bought a new bettery grip (Rechargeable Li-ion battery 7.2 VDC / 1850 mAh) for my H2 body, after it was full charged (i tried a lot of times) when put it on the camera body, the "Low battery" icon will always appear on the grip another battery doesn't have this problem.

any help will be appreciated!

The Battery grip for the H1 won't work on the H2. You have to get the H2 Battery grip.

If it IS the H2 Battery, then it's probably defective since the other battery, (that I assume came with the camera), does work ... so it's not the camera or the charger.

The part number on the H2 battery Grip is 3043348
OR have to reset the battery "fuel guage" Here's a post from an Imacon site I participate in. It worked for me when I had the same problem ...

Probably the so called "fuel gauge" is out of sync in your battery Please find below a procedure to reprogram batteries.

1. Upgrade the camera to latest firmware
2. Charge the battery to full capacity (charge between 4-12 hours, don’t care about the flashing l& of the charger)
3. Without attaching the fully charged battery, press the red ON/OFF button on the upgraded camera (to totally discharge all voltage in the camera).
4. While pressing the "Menu" and the "Flash" button at the same time, attach the battery to the camera. If you hear a beeping sound, the re-programming of the battery is successful, otherwise repeat steps 3-4 until the sound is heard.
5. Camera and battery is now ready for use.
thanks a lot Marc.

this method worked for me.

my another question is that do i have to do that everytime when i charged my battery?