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Hasselblad Grid/Split-Focusing Screen


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I have a 500cm body which I presume was made in 1991 (10EV15563). The focus hood has the rectangular-shaped black tab.

The focusing screen is a grid type with center split-image. There are no “D notches” on the screen. The screen is clear (non-yellowed) seems bright, and the underside indeed has a matte surface.

I’ve always wondered if this is a 1st generation Acute-Matte screen, or perhaps a regular screen from an earlier period?

Since so many things are user-replaceable, I can’t be certain if the waist-level finder or focus screen were originally included in 1991 models.

We’re grid/split-image screens ever available in a non-Acute-Matte version? Thoughts?


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The 1st generation Acute Matte has one D notch, the second two.
There are rather a lot of different focussing screens for Hasselblad, even made by third parties, the Acute Matte coms originally from Minolta...
That's one of the reasons why Hasselblad is such an attractive (genuine-) system camera ;) !



An excerpt from RICHARD NORDIN's COMPENDIUM II . PAGE 224 top . I hope this clarifies the variety of screens .


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Excellent information. Thanks.

Is there any visual like Nordin’s, but for non-D screens? My screen looks like the 42217, but there isn’t any notch whatsoever.

Could a screen still be an Acute-Matte version... but without “notches?”

Amazon has a number of Ernst Widi manuals listed. Wonder if the 4th edition (1992, 1996) might have info more current to a 1991 500 CM like mine?


Here is what you can find on page 223 . I do hope that RICHARD NORDIN agrees that I share the info here .


A quick and not perfect shot . I hope it holds the info you are after .

Best regards . Jürgen .


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Here is the reality: left Acute Mate first generation and right the same configuration but old fashion...
Apparently the Acute Mate 1st gen. has no D notch, but is far more clear.

Accute Mate.jpg


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Thanks for the additional information from Nordin's book. Here are a few pics of my screen... still not sure if it is an Acute-Matte or not. Based on the matte surface on the underside, I suspect it is a 1st gen AM. Take a look...


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Vinmoxa, based on the second picture, AM 2, it looks exactly the same as mine, so it is a first gen. Acute-Mate.