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HASSELBLAD Focusing screen 42269


Hi Guys,
I have bought a 42269 focussing screen, which was delivered as;
A fresnel lens, an etched glass screen, and the two metal parts which make up the frame. (but no instructions!)I am assuming that the assembly is as follows from bottom to top;
1 Frame (L section)
2 Fresnel Lens, smooth side up
3 Etched Screen smooth side up
4 Frame spring (- section)
Can anyone tell me if this is correct? Obviously if anyone can supply the mounting instructions that would be perfect!!
Kind Regards to all,
Gérard (Nantes in France)
The frame spring (4) goes underneath, the frame (1) on top.

The bent corners of the plate spring should point downwards.

On top of it, the Fresnel-lens is plaved, smooth side down (!).

Next, the glass is placed upon the Fresnel-lens with smooth side up.

Then the Frame is placed over the assembly, and the four screws screw in to hold the thing in place.

You need to calibrate the assembly: point the camera at something far enough away (a bright full moon should do nicely), set the lens (preferably a long focal length one) to infinity, and see if the viewfinder image is indeed sharpest with the lens set thus.
Look at each corner in turn.