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To Qnu

Hello Qnu
I have received the recommended book
and i find it absolutely superb .
A must for all HASSELBLAD owners .
So i could easily trace back for my 1600F .
Thanks again for this valuable hint.
Best regards Jürgen
I want to buy the HASSELBLAD COMPENDIUM by R.Nordin.
The most recent edition that I find is one of 2003.
There is some edition of 2004 or 2005?
> Does anyone know how to get in touch with Richard Nordin .E-MAIL > ?????? This book has become my "HASSELBLAD BIBLE" Regards Jürgen
> Hi Danilo Thanks for your fast response . But i do not understand "try between the pages" I have an update for Richard , concerning a ZEISS productionlist (lens numbering) So please let me know on how to try between the pages . Thanks and regards Jürgen

I don't know if this will work, but click here.

If not, Richard Nordin recently posted a reply in the "Hasselblad V System", "500 C-M / 500 C", section.
Look for the thread titled "500 C/M tripod socket offset??"
> Hello Qnu Thanks a lot . But in the meantime Richard gave me his e-Mail address through the forum and i have already contacted him . Thanks again . Jürgen
Does Richard's book provide a lens performance analysis as Erwin Putts Leica Lens Compendium provides. This actually gives a very useful analysis on various Leica lens attributes and performance characteristics. Before I read it I wondered if it would be some scientific analysis of things that one can rarely see in an image, but in fact it is an excellent and very practical guide.

Or is Richard's book a guide to all equipment and tips on use etc? Is anyone aware of a specific Hasselblad/Zeiss lens guide?