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Hasselblad boutique help


New Member
Hi guys,

I’m Hasselblad fan and I’m interested to buy few things from Hassy online boutique, especially the Hasselblad Jacket with removable fleece.
Does anyone of you has this jacket?
Can you help a little?
Can you be kind to send me here, or, on my e-mail few pictures from your Hasselblad jacket?
In the Hasselbled site pictures are very, very small and when we go to zoom, we see only a little detail of the jacket.
So, if you able please help me with few shots, because the price of 170 euros(with shipping) is not so small for me to buy something which actually I will not like it.

Thank you very much.

George, while I can't help with the jacket, I do agree with you about the boutique - a photographic company has p..s weak images of it's boutique items! Wow! Definitely not a merchandising company!

But, my experience has been that if you are seeking a quality jacket for a purpose, money is better spent going to a jacket company that makes such items for the purpose you have in mind!