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Hasselblad 70500 back

I don't have one but remember that it is hard getting film for this back. There is little choice in emulsions.
>70mm has been losing ground for several years now. A real shame because >there are many instances where having 70-200-500 exposure backs are highly >desirable ( esp with an ELM or ELX) . Mostly one is limited to 100-160 asa >speed film in color print or slide. There are some emulsions originally >slated for aeiral photography that are in 70mm format incl a plus-x >equivalent, but I have not tried them so I can't really say if they are >good or bad for general photography.

I'm a newbies in hasselblad's systems and want to know with a 70 back isn't cheaper to utilise it, i explain: with buying a 70mm film and made the revelation of it, it must be cheaper than revelate 5 of (12 pict.)120 films, no?
Or i'm wrong with this thinking?.

What is the price so of a 70 back used in good condition?

Or must i looking for a A24 to save money?More commune.

I ask this because i'm learning photo and a lot of films are necessary.

Thanks for responding.
503CW, 80CFE very soon, A12.
Recently there was a good one available in a schop in Holland for 50 euro's. Just remember that it is difficult to get film for this type of magazine. Probably special order only in very few emulsions.
And talking about topic-drift: the 70 mm film, 500 exposures back Peter was asking about is *not* to be confused with the regular, or "200" Hasselblad 70 mm magazine.
It is a very different beast altogether: taking a complete 30 m/100 ft roll of 70 mm film, has a built-in motor, and can definitely not be found in any store for 50 euros. ;-)
70mm is KEWL

I have about twenty-five 100' and 150' rolls of 70mm Type II perforated film, in a wide range of Kodak and Agfa B&W and color emulsions, in my deep-freeze. Most of these are aerial films I have bought on Ebay. Number of exposures possible varies, depending on the thinness of the film stock. I have some Plus-X Aerorecon film, which is incredibly thin, I can load over 250 exposures in a cartridge with that stuff, although the A70 film counter only goes to 80.

I develop the film in a 70mm Kindermann daylight tank, with stainless steel reel, and lighttight plastic tub with lighttight lid. I also have a white plastic 70mm film reel that I bought for $8 US from a Medical X-Ray company in Texas. After washing, I photo-flo, and cut the 70mm film into strips of twelve, and hang them on closepins to dry.

Then cut into strips of four, and into a Vue-All 70mm page. 8.5x11" paper is required for proof-printing, as the strips of 70mm film are quite wide.

70mm is Kewl, it's like shooting digital, without the chimping. I seldom look at the film counter, nor run out of film, during something exciting. My favorite 70mm emulsion (without question) is Kodak Surveillance Film. It is 400EI, and looks like old Tri-X. I bought half a carton of it (15-150' rolls) from a military surplus place out in California.

I would love to find a Hasselblad A500 Magazine in good condition. That takes 100' at a time, and plugs into the EL/M. I do have 100' 70mm Nikor reels and tanks in my darkroom, in fact, I have three of them!
I sold my 2 A-70 on B with no reserve for ...about 30$ each, as I could not find 70mm film any more 3 years ago. :angry:
Actually I hope to sell my 110mm for more than the 1 euro start sale ! :(
Here is mine:

Bild 022.jpg

Bought four years ago, not even near 1500 USD.
This one is in excellent condition, currently loaded with B/W film.
Some 200 frames to go before the film is completely exposed.

I could open the film back and remove the exposed film of course.
Although this back is often shown with an EL motordrive camera the back also works with a 500 CM body.
Power to drive the film transport comes from a battery inside the film back.
With a manual camera it is better to say the camera was connected to the film back!

To avoid confusion with Terries 500/70 back.
Terry does all the work, I am simply trying to help with a service manual.
These large film backs were made in Switzerland during the early seventies.
In those days a new 500/70 film back cost more than three 500 CM bodies with 80 mm lenses and film backs.



  • Bild 022.jpg
    Bild 022.jpg
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What is the price so of a 70 back used in good condition?

Or must i looking for a A24 to save money?More commune.

I ask this because i'm learning photo and a lot of films are necessary.

I don't think is worth worrying with 70mm film or 220.

Today what you can easily get out there is 120 film.. so if you want to shoot medium format, be prepared to spend the money... there is no 'cheap' way around...
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I would not worry too much about yepaaa.
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