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Hasselblad 503CW rumors


New Member
Dear all,

first of all let me introduce myself shortly, because this is my first posting:

I am living in Berlin /Germany and made my hobby to my profession. I'm quite young in photography, but after some years of assistance I am doing first jobs, had my first exhibition this year and work on presentation and aquisition...

Now, that I've decided to prefer the square format 6x6 (used a Contax 645 before) I am in contact with some dealers in Germany to get my Hasselblad 503CW. Actually I ordered a Kit but got a call some ours later, that the camera is not deliverable at the moment.

Due to a very good offer I got, I decided to wait - instead of buying a used Hasselblad.

I've got two informations which I want to communicate to you:

1. Hasselblad will offer a modified CFV from begin next year. They will have a better monitor build in the back which has a higher resolution.

2. And this is the information which irritates me, but I got it from two different dealers: Hasselblad stopped the production of the 503CW.


Does anyone know better???

Welcome to the forum .

If you need this camera soon ,
I can name you 2 dealers which have a 503CW set + CFV or 503CWD set on stock .
If you are interested send me an E-MAIL .
I am not a dealer and have no advantage , when giving you an address .

Regards Jürgen
Hi Jürgen,

as my irritation was too big to await answers from the forum, I called my favorite dealer to ask him about the rumor no. 2 mentioned above.

And he told me, that he got my camera today and will send it to me by tomorrow!!!

Furthermore he assumed, that hasselblad may be stopped the special edition CWD, but not the general production of the 503CW...

But thank you very much for the offer you made. Very nice...

Dear Mr. Poulsen

Thank you very much for your letter . Yes , thank you very much . Now we know , where the journey goes to .

But , can you please tell me , is the HASSELBLAD CARE PROGRAM identical to what I called
Who gives more information about these nappies ? ? ?

>> and I trust you will take care of our "HASSELBLAD CARE" program <<

Why is such a program neccessary ? ? ? Don't you trust your products any more ? ? ?

Sincerly yours
Jürgen Loob
What a load of bullsh*t! It is straight out of Dilbert. As for his, '... our HC lens line, which independent testing has shown are the finest lenses Hasselblad has ever offered ...', what a jerk this man is. He probably got his commercial training selling sex toys. At least that is my most charitable thought.
We have over half a century of history with film, and don't want to abandon film manufacturers or photographers. We feel an obligation to continue to offer a film camera as long as possible, and the H2F is a good compromise that allows us to continue to offer a film alternative, while directing most of our R&D,>

They feel obligated! I think he read the Kodak survey. I guess planet V was just a ploy to keep us around for the H2F-Like we care about that.

The end of the V camera was exactly what a store pro shop manager told me last year.


G'day All:

Don't get too emotional about this letter. A 'professional' CEO such as Mr Poulsen can be at HB today, and in charge of Nike athletic supports tomorrow. He is not Hasselblad. He just works at Hasselblad. He will go elsewhere soon enough. I bear no ill will to him. He is doing as well as he is able.

As 'touching' (and unusual) as this letter is, it appears to me as a very transparent attempt to appear concerned for all HB users. But, in essence, it is clearly saying that ... H3D users can expect rapid advancements, or, rapid obsolescence ... BUT we have a trade-up plan and a Hasselblad Care plan to make you feel better about post-sales servicing issues.

I also read this letter to say that the H2F is a reasonable compromise to support film users, but the 500 series is gone. Quote: "We feel an obligation to continue to offer a film camera as long as possible, and the H2F is a good compromise..."

The impossibly large 'Victor' magazine, already changed, was a pre-cursor of things to come. It has already changed.

I read somewhere that fresh fish, if not refrigerated, rot first at the head.

BTW, I'm actually happy to see this letter. It confirms a few suspicions.


It's a dirty business out there. It looks like the cat was out of the bag. B & H and Adorama don't not have a 180mm CFE listed at all. Until today when B & H did not have a V product they would show it along with accepting orders, back-ordered, or discontinued. Also, B & H seems to have raised prices one ex&le the 40CFE IF is listed at over $5873.


our HC lens line, which independent testing has shown are the finest lenses Hasselblad has ever offered >

Did you over look Poulsen's statement about "lens perfecting software"?

Now, I will give my full support to Kodak!



There are rumors here , that one of the biggest dealers tries to buy HASSELBLAD gear from other dealers , because HASSELBLAD can not deliver any more V-SYSTEM gear .

If this is true , and I believe the sources , this means definately the end of the V-SYSTEM .
Long live the V-SYSTEM .


Mr Poulsen is not a career CEO, but mr Imacon in person.
A 'good old' self made (with a lot of help from Shriro) business man, still selling the product he started producing years ago.

I don't think he ever saw Hasselblad as anything else but a vehicle for Imacon backs. Not in touch with what Hasselblad once was (and still could be) at all.
Imacon was scooped up by Shriro (which was a good move), and apparently the people in Denmark interpreted that as a vindication of their product and a boost for their self esteem. Even though Shriro picked them up, not quite from out of the gutter, but close.
So god's speed to Imacon, and what was that other thing again? Hasselwhat? What's that?

But yes, the marketing ploy of the moment is to appear to be showing real concern for all of us Hasselbladders and Hasselbladians. Very touching indeed...!

Planet V just got hit by the Poulsen asteroid.

Hello, fellow dinosours ...


G'Day Q.G

Oops. Red face. Apologies, Mr Poulsen.

I feel better already.

(Although I can still smell fish somewhere ...)


I pulled out my five V system cameras and gave each a pat on the noggen. Then all the lenses began whining, so I paid attention to them also. "You're antiques now" I told them, "So start acting more mature".

On a related note: potential wedding client just left from a meeting. Signed my best package for next year. All B&W, NO COLOR !!! All candid, no posed !!! To be shot with my Leica M and Hasselblads. Will pay the extra for film and processing. I'm so pleased I could bust a gut. Just when I could not bear to look at one more pixel, this angel appears to me. Wahooooo !!!!

I guess it is the idea, not the camera!


I hope your clients are young and that this will start a trend!