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Hasselblad 503CW Owner manual




I am quite new to using Hasselblad. Because I would like to get familiar with the 503CW, I first would like to study on the owner's manual and rent one from a local dealer. Can anyone tell me where to download a copy of the 503CW owner's manual in pdf-format. Thanks!


According to Hasselblad's website, they no longer sell manuals to anyone who did not buy a camera imported by H USA. This is to defeat the grey market.
Thank you all for your kind help! And thanks for your offer Marc. I did not realize about the grey market being such a problem in the US. I have seen a few auctions on eBay in the past where they were offering cameras accompanied by a ‘Mack’ warranty.

Now that I mention it...Does anyone know of a good address where to obtain a new Hassy for (substantially) less? Or is this pure fiction on my side. I know of a few that post auctions on eBay (‘etefore –’ and ‘photo-mate’ in Hong Kong etc). Anyone have any experience with these people? Thanks!

Hi Vincent, There are many places to buy new and used Hasselblads from, but I need only one as they seem to have everything you might want for them, (especially now as a lot of pros are exchanging for digital (ah hem!!)), and that if they don't have it, chances are it will be difficcult to find (in the UK). They are called MXV ( and are fairly local to me in South East England. I can vouch for them, and they are a very friendly and helpful bunch. You may want to go elsewhere more local, but it is one suggestion. Hope this helps. Best regards.
Thanks very much Derek for the tip. I will have a look!


Hi Vincent

I bought a 501CM kit recently from Hong Kong. It came to me in brand new condition and is working flawlessly. It has a One year warranty but I am pretty sure I am never going to use it.

The instruction manual for both 503CW and 501CM is the same. I have an English version. If you are interested, I can scan and send. My email address is

Hi Vincent,

I just bought a 503CW, 2x A12, a CFE 180 and a 905SWC from Eric Wong in Hong Kong. Everything new. Good prices and reliable shipping in my experience. His email adress is