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Hasselblad 12 magazine repair


New Member
Can anyone direct me to information concerning the Hasselblad 12 magazine repair? Is this included in the 500c repair manual?
> Jurgen, Thanks for the reply. I was unable to use you e-mail address. What I'm after is a parts manual or repair document for the 12 Magazine, not the A12. I have a couple of older 12 Magazines which do not reset the frame counter properly.
I have a question about A12 and a 12 magazine? What is the difference? Will an older (SN CC20384)12 mag work on 500c,cm?
both mag. will work on the 500c,cm, diff. is parts have changed on inside plus the crank to wind film has changed. one you need to line up film thru window for frame #1,the new style you have a little handcrank and you wind until film stops on frame #1 juergen
HI! I have a couple of magazines that need to be repaired and modified. does anyone out there repair these? They are for the 500 cm. thanks! (preferably in California?)
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