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Hasselblad 100 Polaroid w 500cm problems


New Member

I'm spreading caustic paste across my keyboard as I type, so I'll try to keep it brief.

Can anybody offer any advice of what I may be doing wrong. I am using the Hasselblad 100 polaroid back on a 500c/m and am having constant problems with each polaroid not pulling through without the leader strip tearing off due to being soaked in paste. As far as I know I've loaded the film correctly [types 664 and 690] and the rollers are clean. Loading the packs with the black strip sticking through the rollers. Removing the long black strip... sometimes the leader for the first/ next poplaroid comes through, sometimes it doesn't [so I have to open the back and fiddle around in low light. When it does, the next one is usually so soaked it tears off. Is pack film actually meant to be this messy? Surely not?

I haven't managed to locate any help pages or manuals [free/ downloadable or pay / booklets] online. If anyone knows where I could look or is able to offer advice then I'd really appreciate it.

I'm sure I must be doing something obvious wrong.

Previous experience has been limited to Rolleiflex's so never had the opportunity for polaroid "fun" before.

Hmm. that wasn't so short.. my keyboard's a mess.

Thanks in advance for any insights.}
wow that is amazing. i was JUST going to write a thread exactly like yours. I too was having the same exact problem. I will check out those links. Thanks alice!

actually really quickly alice... before i dive into those files, how did you solve the problem in your own wordS?

thanks so much.
I assumed the black leader and following tabs should come through the same slot as the Polaroids. They don't!!! You just close the back with them sticking through the edge. Then pull out the black leader. Shoot a polaroid... pull the white tab and the polaroid starts to come through the slot. Discard the white tab. This should leave the Polaroid sticking out of the slot by about an inch. Then swiftly pull the polaroid out[in a straight line] and start timing. At the end of the suggested time [stated on the Polaroid packet] peel apart and you're done.