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Handle mount TTL flash for 503CW


New Member
I'm trying to figure out what flash I should buy to use the TTL flash feature of the 503CW. I'm leaning toward a Metz MZ-5 unit (50 or 70) because I can also use it with my Pentaz MZ-S with the proper module. I'm not real happy about the proprietary Metz batteries though. Does anyone have any experience with any other TTL handle mount units that use readily available batteries?

The Metz 45CL-4 can use the nicads or AA batteries. Also, you can get a battery pack, such as a Lumidyne mini-cycler for rapid use. The SCA modules should be available for the Pentax as well as the 390module for the 503cw.
I love using this flash. It really performs.
Hope that helps,