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Handheld meter technique


Hello all,

I would appreciate your advice where to find more info about how to use h-h eposure meter. Yes, I have the product manual but I try to find how to use the meter in creative sense.

Hi Zdenek,

I agree with Flo, the Kodak page is well presented and very useful.
Slightly off subject, take a look at these -
They are available for peanuts these days, and unlike most similar devices, need no batteries, which somehow - to my way of thinking makes them fit nicely with the 500 C & C/M series.
If you get one with the instructions they are very complete, considering the simplicity of use.


Hi Flo and Gerard,

Thanks for help.

I have found that there exists the book:


It is for $200 which is very much. Do you know that? Is it worth for that money?

Recently I bought Sekonic 758D. From technical point of view it is simple to operate. I seek the "tricks" how to use a h-h meter to yield the best results with my 501CM. So far, with about 30 yrs break
, I took 35 mm pictures with manual camera with TTL metering. Using such a fine instrument as Hass 501CM totally independent on batteries is a new experience for me but a very nice one.