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H3DII-50s on Ebay UK

There have been several 'brand new' 50's on Ebay UK lately. They seem reasonably legit in that they are cash on collection. The last one appeared to go for less than half retail price. There is one on there currently.
I have mixed feelings since I paid close to full ticket price for my system - but get great service from my dealer and have earned most of the balance through use since then. GBP 7K saving is still a lot of money though....

Anyone got any ideas where these might have originated from ? They don't exactly grow on trees..... There appear to have been 3 or 4 in as many weeks which is bizarre (although not clear if the same person or a buyer has relisted one)

googaliser , I can reliably infom you , that whom ever it is that is purporting to legitimately own these H3DII50´s & then "endeavoring" to sell at bargain basement prices ! are NOT the rightfull owners !

Tred very carefully to anyone considering buying these. as you may be very sorry if & when the rightfull owner´s & the local appropiate constabuulary come knocking on your doors asking questions.
I do not say you are wrong warning prospective buyers about these offers.
Depending on where you are as a buyer eBay sales give you a complete title.
In other words buying at an auction limits the possibilities for buyers to research the item and the seller.
That gives buyers a stronger position.

Any lease or rental companies that are missing cameras better look at eBay from time to time.
They may be surprised what they find.

In certain cases eBay asks proof of ownership from sellers of expensive recent items.
In doubt check with eBay.
The trick is to actually talk to someone who actually bought one at those prices. Often they do not exist. Scams abound in cyberland.