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H3D 39 serial number


New Member
I have been sold a supposedly NEW H3D 39 with serial number H3D393xx

This number seems to imply that this is one of the first about 300 cameras made.

Doesn't it seem too low for a new camera?

What serial numbers do your H3D39 cameras have?


Antonio, I'm not at home right now but have my 8 month old H3D/31 with me and the serial number is DC57055XXX. Does your serial number begin with DC ?

I recently upgraded a H3D/39 which was a factory upgrade from an older H2D/22 to a H3D/39 which retained it's earlier serial number. IF your camera is an upgrade, it'll tell you briefly on the LCD when you first start up the camera ... otherwise it's irrelevant since H3D/39s are a recent model and can't be that old.

The only other concern would be if it was a demonstration model sold as a factory fresh model. IF it was a demo, the seller should have told you that it was.

Again, I urge anyone buying one of these expensive digital backs to research the dealer completely ... personal and knowledgeable after-sale service is extraordinarily important.

In my experience the big box stores (large outlets like B&H and Calumet) aren't as good at that kind of after-sales service than some of the more dedicated MF digital back dealers. Sometimes the big box stores will dump old stock at an apparent savings, but can't compete when it comes to the kind of service that such expensive products deserve.
Hi Marc,

The serial number of the H3D 39 + 80mm kit is indeed H3D393xx

The serial number of the H3 Digital Magazine is DC571xxxxx

I bought the kit indeed from a big store, like the ones you mention.

When I put the battery for charge first time, it gave full charge indication in just 3 hours not 12 as suggested in the manual for a fresh first charge.

Also, the number of actions taken by the body is 249 according to the System Status information displayed in the camera.

The manual mentions that even a new camera will have registered actions that occurred during testing.

But 249, is it normal that high?

Does all this look normal for a supposedly NEW camera?

Thank you.

The number of actions for the magazine and for the view finder is 0. And they do not increase when I take photos.

The initial number of actions for the lens was 6, which I find normal.

if the camera works okay and isn't damaged in any way then don't worry about it. The minute you bought it it became a used camera anyway. 250 shots seems a tad high for brand new, but who knows? The dealer might have demoed it for someone, or it could be the factory calibrating it. 250 shots is nothing for one of these cameras. 250,000 and I'd be worried : -)

Battery. It takes a number of full drains and full charges for these batteries to get up to full capacity. If it persists in short life then it simply needs to have the "battery level gauge" reset for the camera to read it properly. Here's how to do that:

Charge battery for 12 continuos hours ... press the menu and flash buttons on the grip at the same time and install the battery until you hear a rapid beeping. If it doesn't beep then repeat the installation process again.
Yes, I agree, time to start enjoying this great camera.

So far everythings seems to work well.

I spoke with Hasselblad tech support and they confirm that it is not unusual to have such a high number of actions to start with. Apparently, someone at QC actually walks around with the camera for some time taking photos and testing the different settings.