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H2F and P45

Erick, I was under the impression that the H2F is a film only camera and indeed is soon to become Hasselblad's only film camera.

Hope I'm wrong.

I had an answer from Hasselblad and normally the H2F will work with Hasselblad backs, but not shure with other backs

the problem of Hasselblad users is that the only issue is second hand bodies on ebay , or going to Mamiya :-(

that answer on luminous-landscape : Hasselblad H2F - official replacement for current H2, continuing with film-back functionality, as well as continuing the be an "open" platform for PhaseOne / Leaf / Sinar (and others) back users. Some features have been removed, and digital back sync functionality via cable. More details to come...

thread here
thank you Nick

I have no idea of what is that sync cable, have you any link ? is it more complicated or heavy to use with it ? are a few functions lost ?
The H2F is film capable and includes OTF flash metering and data imprinting on film. However, it is NOT exclusively a film camera.

It currently can accept Hasselblad CF and CFH digital backs with no sync cord needed. There is a bundle offer with the entire camera, lens, and CFH back (CFH means it is a dedicated back and draws power from the grip battery), or you can buy it as a film camera, or just the body alone to use with any CF back (CF backs are not dedicated, and draw power from their own battery.) ... meaning it can be mounted on just about any MF camera through the use of the proper Hasselblad iAdapter.

Phase One does make it's backs with a dedicated H mount. Whether it will work on a 2HF is a question for Phase One tech. When I asked, they said it had not been determined yet since the camera wasn't even available at the time ... but personally I'd be surprised if it didn't work since the Hasselblad CF will work ... it may just require a new mount.
you mean a new mount without that Sync Cable ?
I'll ask to phase one
thank you

This would be a new mount for new backs, IF Phase One decided it would be worth it, which I doubt.

However, what I do not know is how the H2F databus contacts differ from the H2. Since the Hasselblad CFH digital backs work on the H2F without a sync cord, the databus is there ... so the question is does the current Phase One interface also work?

UPDATE: Evidently, the CF backs will still require their own separate battery, and are not powered by the H grip battery.