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New Member
hi ,

iv useing a PhaseOne digiback on Mamiya RZ 67PRo II till now .

Iam now planing to upgrade myself to a H2 system with my new PhaseOne P30+ .

As i shoot fashion mostly ...iam going in for a 50-110 lense .

Id like to know any kind of pro & cons if this camera has with this combination ???

Any kinda info is welcome as iv never used Hasselblad systems ever before .

thanx ...
Hi Rahul, I am also new to Hasselblad, having so far used Leica M and R. I acquired the zoom HC 50-110 and am awaiting development of the first rolls of film. Will come back to you on this. In terms of handling, although it is a heavy+big combination, it handles superbly well I must say. The zooming ring is quite smooth and the lens shade very effective.
The long HC 50-110mm gets in the way of the in built flash path Camera & zoom lens will not fit in upright position on a tripod as the zoom lens being too heavy falls forward without some special adaptor otherwise the lens which is very under rated is fine
>[i can say that I have not had trouble with the lens falling forward >on a tripod. I have not place exactly 90 degrees but at least 75 >degrees on a tripod without a problem. I do use an external metz >flash on connect to the tripod shoe or I use a flash bracket to >connect the flash.]
Further testing with the 50-110 zoom will be needed but my first impression is that this lens is quite prone to reflections when shooting against the sun or when sunrays fall into the lens obliquely, even when the lens hood is attached and when you take care to avoid direct sun light into the lens. Much more so than with the 80mm lens.
Like Mark, I have had no problems with this lens at all. It is big and heavy and is always used with a tripod and RRS large ballhead. You must make sure the ballhead is locked down before letting go of anything. (BTW, the H2 is fitted with a very handy RRS "L" plate for switching from horizontal to vertical.)

Contrary to earlier reports, the lens has not fallen apart (yet). It is quite sharp and reduces the number of lenses I have to take in the field.
Shooting all day with the HC 50-110mm lens can kill you. That's why I purchased the Hasselblad hand grip.

Image captured with H1D and HC 50-110mm lens:

Yes, I meant the WRIST grip on the Hasselblad helped a lot when you shoot most of the day handholding the camera with the 50-110mm lens attached.