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H1 Program Mode shifts


New Member
I've recently got an H1 and am really pleased with it. However, there seems to be one problem with the way the program shift works.

When you're in P or Pv mode, you can use the front control dial to shift the shutter/aperture combination - say the camera suggests 1/125 at f8, one click of the control dial will change it to 1/60 at f11 or 1/250 at f5.6. However, there is no way of knowing which is the original setting chosen by the camera. On Nikon models, if you shift the program, there is an asterisk next to the shutter/aperture setting to let you know that it has changed.

Is there any way of resetting the program shift and/or knowing when the program mode has been shifted?


Hi Simon,
I had hoped someone with the correct answer would respond to this question, but I've noted that for some reason questions about the H1 are often not dealt with on this forum. I speculate that part of the reason is that there's resentment towards Hasselblad for failing to deliver on its earlier promise to provide an adapter for the H1 so V system lenses could be used. Any technically competent user know why this hasn't happened? I too would like to purchase a reasonably priced used long Hasselblad lens such as a 250 or 350 that I could use-even with limitations-with this system.
That said I am a very happy user of the H1.
As for your question: I'm in the U.S. so before purchasing the system I visited the Hasselblad facility in Fairfield, N.J. When I have a question I call the facility to get help. I have found the technicians very, very helpful. The gentleman I deal with talked me through setting up a user program where by pushing the button the following takes place: the mirror is raised; the timer commences a six second countdown to guarantee that all vibration has subsided; the shutter is closed; the mirror drops back down. I work on a tripod so this method is only ideal for relatively static landscape or architectural applications.
Here's a phone number for Fairfield: (973) 227-7681. Here's the email: If you go the website: you hopefully can find a phone number in your country. Good luck.