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H1 digital back



I have the H1 and would like the 22mp back. The only backs I've seen for aftermarket purchase by Hasselblad look like the old Imacons. I'd rather have the one that matches the H1D is that possible?
You mean one that matches the body style?
I don't know if there is one that does.
But why not ask Hasselcon/Imablad if there will be one that does?:

Tell us what they say!

The one "in" the H1D of course is the Imacon 22 MP thingy.
The is a Imacon 22 meg back and H1 body married already ... the H1-D.

It can be reviewed on the Hasselblad site.
Hasselblad returned my inquiry and stated that no H1D back is presently being sold for the H1. Makes no sense to me. What if I destroyed my H1D back and just wanted that replaced, assuming I was an H1D owner...are they saying that they would not ship/sell me one? I do not think so.
A missed marketing opportunity if so.
The Phase One back does look very nice howeverl

The H1D "back" is not a detachable piece of equipment you can take off and send in for repairs, or replace it by another back. So if you destroyed the back-bit in a H1D, and wanted only that bit to be repaired, the entire (!) H1D would go in for repair.

And i think that if you were an H1D owner, you wouldn't really like it if they would only send you a replacement back, and let you do the dismantling, reassembly and adjustment.
Qnu, I believe H1D DOES allow you the option of shooting film. They do not supply the film back, so you have to buy the film back separately. This means that Digital back IS removable. They don't sell the H1D back separately as one can buy the same thing as Imacon 132C-22MPixel & still give you an option to upgrade to 4shot back & with optional plates can be used for other cameras.
Regarding your question "Back" with H1D is esthetically better looking, but they are selling it as a bundled package for new buyers of H1, while existing H1 buyers can use their(Hasselblad/Imacon) 96c or 132c digital backs. Identical but it is a little bit deeper, so for guys like me with a little longer nose ;-) is a disadvantage but 132C is better functionally than H1D Back.

You have thrown me a bit. ;-)

I have been told the H1D was a fixed back digital only camera.
It is billed as such too. Look at the specs: only mention of interchangeable lenses and viewfinders. No magazines.

And i still believe it is a non-detachable back/fixed digital back camera. No film, no other digital backs options.
Not just a regular H1 bundled with a digital back.

But any information that says different is very welcome. If you have some, please let me know!
Qnu, I found info thru' > Products > H1D > at the bottom technical specs, a pdf download gives you the detail or just try this link. /Hasselblad_H1D.pdf That does tell you that you can use 120/220 film and also "Polaroid back???" can be used. If you got 22MB back why bother to use Polaroid back? but I believe they mean that it is a standard connection with the camera..

You're right!
"Digital part can be replaced with optional film back".

In the October 2004 version of that .PDF, the paragraph about "Film capability" on page 2 does not exist. Though it also has the above line in the features table.

So there we are... The H1D is even less of a product than i thought.

Or is it? Who needs a dedicated digital H1D, i first thought, if an H1 with any digital back you want could do the same, or better? But now it turns out we not only do not need a dedicated digital H1D, but indeed do not get a dedicated digital H1D. Just a H1 with bundled back.
And there's nothing wrong with a H1, and digital back of choice...

A big BooHoo to HasselCon for trying to shift Imacon's products in the guise of new Hasselblad products anyway!

Thank you, Shishir, for setting me straight.

The HMi100 back is a polaroid back, right?
The film back would be the HM 16-32, the only film back available in the H-system.

Opps wrong part number.

Hasselblad HM 16-32 film back is the back shown for the H1D for using 120 and 220 film.


Shawn, you asked why bother for a pola-back when using a digi-back?
Polas cannot only be used for checking on light and setting but there are a lot of creative possibilities using polas such as emulsion lifting, image transfer, burning etc etc. - techniques you will hardly achieve with a digi-back.
Have a look on --> Creative Techniques.
Flo, Thanks a lot. In this world of Mega Pixels, I had forgotten that Clarity cannot replace Creativity. Also thanks for pointing the Polaroid site, it does have very nice creative techniques section, as you pointed out.