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H1 and 52 mm extension tube problem


My H1 and all of my lenses work well. Today I attempted to use my 150 HC lens with my 52mm extension tube. The 150 clicks right into my extension tube with no problem. However, the extension tube will no longer mount on my H1. Has anyone else experienced this problem? No damage is evident. I know that I could send the lens and camera body to Fairfield, NJ for inspection, but I cannot at present afford this time-consuming expense. Any help would be appreciated.

May I suggest to put the tube at the camera first and then put the lens on the tube.
That is the way it is done with the V series.

I do not have any other knowledge of the H series other than using the camera for a couple of days without using any tubes.

Removing the lens and tube is best done first the lens from the tube and then remove the tube from the body.

Thanks for your quick response. I've tried attaching the extension tube directly to the camera without the lens and in exactly the same way I would attach the lens to the camera. Failure.
Assuming the tubes are not very different from the ones with the V series it may be worth checking that the tube is in the "loaded" mode.

From the back/camera side of the tube the shaft that drives the lens should be turned fully to the right when you will here a soft click the shaft is in the position to be fitted to the body.
This shaft is probably spring loaded so it takes a little effort to turn.

If all is well the tube should fit the camera without problem now.
I just checked the H manual. There is no information on the procedure to fit or remove a tube.
Chances are this information is only available in the manual that was supplied with the tube.

I am not familiar with the V system extension tube. At my local camera store, where they are familiar with the V system, they were unable to solve my problem. I called customer service in Fairfield, NJ hoping that they could talk me through the problem. They felt that either the barrel of the tube was out of round or one of the flanges was bent. Neither condition was apparent to my eye. Looks as though I'll have to send it in for appraisal and service. Which means that I can't do the job I wanted at this time, with this equipment. I'll just have to use my Nikon F100 and 60mm micro lens. Of course, there could have been a much worse end to this part of the story. If I had been able to mount the extension tube when something was awry, then it doubtless would have gotten stuck. I guess I'm just lucky. Thanks for trying to help.