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Grime and crap on lenses


New Member
Hi all,

I want to approach the subject of lense cleaning. When I bought my 80mm from the second hand dealer (a very good and reputable one), the lense was quite dirty, so he got out some alcohole (i think) and put it on some tissue, and gave the lense a good scrub. As there are no coatings on this lense that I know of such as those found on modern lenses, I know of no reason not to do this.

My question being is, is this acceptable to do the the T* range, as I am aware they have a coating on them of some sort, yet I don't know what? And also, is there a difference between the outside/inside elements, and how they should be treated?

Thanks in advance...

Zeiss makes ” L”solution cleaning system for T* lenses. It is available from Photo Huppert located in Germany. It is the same solution used at the factory. It is not the same as commonly sold. The kit comes with two micro fiber cloths a brush and the solution.


....Oh and Derek, I clean all of my T* lenses with this solution as it is perfectly safe for the T* coating. As for your other question, I do not have an answer to it, but personally I think you should leave the inside cleaning of the lens to the absolute (lens cleaning) pro's.
Derek, I would suggest that it is NEVER all right to "scrub" the lens. If the lens was very dirty and it is scrubbed with a tissue soaked in alcohol, where does all that dirt go during the scrubbing process? Round and round on the lens surface I would think!
I have some lenses that I've owned for 40+ years and whilst they are cleaned when necessary, they show no cleaning marks whatsoever. They have never been scrubbed! Remember, it is better to keep your lens clean, than to keep cleaning your lens.