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Got my CWD today


Wow. This camera is great! I've only had time to learn to use the camera and admire the aesthetics and install/be confused by flexcolor. I definitly need to work with that program.

Only had time to snap a few pics, but here's a s&le. Looking forward to the next weeks playing around. So far, I love it! Thanks to everyone who recommended buying this camera.




Glad you are happy, certainty the results would make you happy. What a beautiful vase!


Marcus, welcome to the club :)

Tip: based on your uploads you need to white balance a bit ... at least it seems so in the last 2 shots.

Once you use the WB eyedropper in Flexcolor they'll all fall into place. It's a good idea to shoot something like a grey card in the first shot of a session so you have a neutral place to place your eyedropper.

Do you know how to "modify" your images after correcting them? Flexcolor won't save your corrections until you tell it to for specific images, or all of them.
I have had no time to experiment with Flexcolor yet. I basically just exported the images to photoshop and worked them from there. I have no idea how Flexcolor works yet. Yes, have read a bit about the wb eyedropper etc, and will learn to use it soon enough.
Marcus --

Congratulations!! Looks nice sitting there next to a Mac... ;^) A couple of questions for you if you don't mind...

- You mention that you used photoshop on these images, am curious as to what extent?? Sharpening?

- Is the third shot a crop from the second? Appears to be but wanted to check?

- Can I ask where you ordered yours from as well?

Must say just looking at the post there is alot of detail in the shadows in the lower and upper left of the second image.

Congrats again and look forward to your future posts as you get comfortable with your camera and back. Best regards -- Bishop
Photoshop I just used for cropping an resizing.

The third is indeed a crop from the second. The second is the full image and the third is at 100% zoom.

I bought mine from BH. Cost me about half of the cost in Denmark.

Hope that helps.
Even more impressed as a result of your comments...very nice detail in that second image. Hard to imagine improvements via postprocessing. Thanks again!
Congrats Marcus.
It is indeed the finest looking camera there is. (I know, I've said it before).
However, looks is only the very tip of the iceberg.

I see too a yellow bias in your vase picture. as a matter of fact I see a bias yellow in some of Marc's pictures in "his" thread.

I've read somewhere else (I couldn't recall now where) that the CFV tends to yellow.
How about it: Marc, do you agree?

Is this something you can completely eliminate while processing the raw files?
If so, is this bias a personal preference?
My monitor is profiled with X-Rite and I'm on Safari.

Well done Marcus. It looks a treat as do your images.

I'll say it again; when Marc posted his first CFV images and since all those posted here and now including yours - these are the first digital images I have seen over the web that do not have that awful and unnatural "plasticity" effect that is so common in 35mm digi images.

The CFV is certainly capable of excellent imaging - despite the horrible reliability issues Jurgen has. I only hope his CFV starts to give him 100% satisfaction.
Eduardo, I was seeing a very slight yellow-green bias in Marcus' two photos. But after white balancing them to neutral I now think his original is probably correct ... or if not correct, more pleasing exactly as he did them.

I have not noticed a yellow bias in CFV shots, other than it being a unconscience choice toward a warmer image when processing. Any color feel is possible when processing the RAW files. I can say that the color is much better through Flexcolor compared to converting to DNGs and processing in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom. Most pros I know agree with this observation.

When using the CFV in studio with Profoto strobes and using a grey card in the first shot to obtain true White Balance, the product work I've done has been color correct.
The only complaint I have thus far is to OLED display. It looks horrible. Despite OLED's many advantages, I would still choose the LCD on my Canon any time.
I agree Marcus. The 3" display on my new Canon 1DMKIII is vastly superior. It is said that the new Nikon D3 has an even better display.

What is quite important for shooting is less the display, (none of which are all that accurate), is the Histogram display which is very accurate. Having learned to read that has done more to improve my exposures than any other single guage.
Do you have any links for using histograms, or have you simply used your experience? I would love to get better at it.
I'll look when I get the chance. In the meantime, try Googling "Digital Histogram".

Generally, the rule of thumb is to expose to the right ... meaning you want the histogram to be as far right as possible without clipping the highlights (which cannot be recovered).

If the Histogram shows a piling up toward the left with a gap of nothing at the far right, you are underexposing and stand the chance of blocking shadow detail.

Experience and Judgement comes into play when the scene has spectral highlights in it ... like a lot of street lights in a night scene. Then it is possible to let the histogram tip past the far right a bit since the points of light are probaly without any tone and are pure white.

If you want a crushed blacks look and a shorter tonal spread for creative reasons you'll be able to see that on the Histogram read out also.

Here is another site. Larry Bloch has been a pro for 60 years and has used digital for about 15 years.

I suggest looking at his site as it is very interesting and he has much more to offer. He posts here on the Nikon forum.

Well, I guess the fun really begins, now!