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Getting more out of your CFV


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Hi all. I'd like to share a recent discovery that may extend the useful application of our wonderful CFV digital backs for display sized images.

The photographer Irakly Shanidze alerted me to the fact that Genuine Fractals has launched a fantastic new version 5.0 of their software and a demo version of it is available at :

While I have used Genuine Fractals in the past, I had not done so for some time due to the inclusion of various other excellent methods to up-size files. IMO, this new version of GF supersedes all of them by a good margin.

In effect, you can double or (maybe) triple the CFV file with little to no loss of the original integrity.

Go download the trial demo and see for yourself.

Thanks for that hint . I have bookmarked that .
As in the moment I have no need for images larger than 20x20" and would also not be able to print them myself , i will keep that in mind .