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From my first roll thru the 500cm


New Member
crits welcome


hi Wolfgang

I used ilford fp4+125 b/w film rated at 100 (I'm not used to this film so I guessed 100), I developed it in xtol 1:1 normal time (I should have developed N-1 to bring the highlight back down a bit but I only have one film back at the moment).

I scanned the neg in on my epson 3200. In photoshop I converted the greyscale image to rgb.

To get the tone I then went into the curves dialogue and then into the red channel where I pulled the centre of the curve up and to the left a little. Then into the blue channel and pulled the centre down and right a little. Moving back and forth between the red and blue channels to get the desired tone.

Hope this helps

You could also have acheived the same result in Photoshop by converting the greyscale to duotone.

You can select the second colour from any of Photoshop's colour palettes and control the curves right there in the dialogue box.

Then its a simple step to convert to RGB.

What would be, from your experience, the most adequate enlarger / lense combination to get the best redition of the stunning hasselblad negs when printing at home. I have some equipment I used with 35mm and adapted to 120 format - Kaiser VP 6001 enlarger and Rodagon F/4 80mm lense. The prints I get would definitely stand some improvements compared to prints I got from a downtown lab.
Thanks for your advises.
Does anybody know a source of supply of 220 size black and white film. I have just aquired an A24 back for my Hasselblad 500C/M and I would like to be able to use it
Brian Parker
Thank you James
I was not expecting such a speedy reply
Calumet have many UK stores and an HQ in Milton Keynes, which I will contact tomorrow.Their website suggests that they have Tri X in stock at reasonable prices.
I will let you know how I get on, and look forward to taking and posting a few BW pictures
Best wishes
Brian Parker
Just to let you know that Calumet UK can supply me with 220 size rollfilm - Tri x Pan - I think I have ordered their last 5 remaining rolls. Maybe they will be able to obtain more. They also say they have &le supplies of 5 packs of 100 ASA Ektachrome and Fuji Velvia 50 ASA. So thanks again for the lead
Best wishes
Brian Parker