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ForumSoftware Switch today Saturday 2612008


Dear Medium Format Users!

We will switch from our old forum software to a new one. Alle users and all postings will be transfered to the new software, the layout of the new Medium Format Forum will be almost identical to the old one.

Nevertheless there will be some changes you should be aware of:

1. Old passwords can not be transferred, because the new software uses a different encryption system. We will instruct AFTER the switch how to get a new password.

2. All registration dates of the users will be of "1970". Obviously this is not correct, but I think we can live with this

3. The new software has also a possibility to send e-mail out if someones is posting in the forum. BUT the way it works is not the same as in the old software. This obvious, since it is a different software, but we want to make you aware of this. It will be less than a mailing list and more like a forum.

4. AFTER the switch, you will get NO E-MAILS anymore from the forum until you login into the forum again, get a new password and make your settings according your preferences to get e-mails again.

5. AFTER the switch, we will establish a kind of "Medium Format Club", which shall help us to finance this community. This is at your own choice, nothing mandatory. You will be still able to read and post for free except in the future "second hand" section of this forum. More about this later on.

6. AFTER the switch, we will open a thread especially for questions about this switch, questions about the handling and the features of this new software etc. So you can ask whatever you want to, if there is help needed. See the announcement section for this.

7. As soon as the switch was successfully finished, we will e-mail all registered users about this with a guideline for the next steps (what you have to do to participate again in the new forum etc.).

8. We expect the switch to be finished tonight. In case of problems it might take another day. The old forum will be in "maintenance mode" during this time. This means no postings are possible, no new registrations, no e-mails etc.

Thanks in advance for your patience

Your team