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focus screen for hasselblad V


I have been using the split image acutte matte D with a 150mm cf lens trying to shoot close range portraits of people moving slightly (talking or otherwise) so far the focus its been a complete failure. the depth of field is very shallow, am shooting at 5.6 and using a 45 PME, i get like only 2 or 3 shots in good focus from the whole roll.

anyway my question is what would be a better screen for this type of photography?
I am not shure the screen is the cause for these problems.

Unsharp images can be caused by movement of the subject or the camera with a shutterspeed that is to slow.
Furthermore there can be adjustemnt problems for the screen and the film back to mention a few other possibilities.

To check alignment of your gear take a picture from a newspaper with lots of small print.
Use a tripod and check the distance as can be found on the focusing ring of the lens.
The newspaper print should appear even and well focused at the entire frame.
Measure that distance and keep in mind the distance you need is to the film plane, about 5 mm from the front of the filmback.
thanks for the answer.

my problem with the split image is that it's very difficult to find a vertical line or anything that looks like a 'line' on people's faces...

so, when i loose the focus because of the subject moving, as i cannot see a clear image (because of the split image plus circle) then i'm lost...

i heard that some people use to ask the 'sitter' to hold his finger in vertical possition in front of his mouth in order to focus. but in my practice this is ok for the first frame, then the focus jumps.

as well i have found that images on the PME are not as sharp as when seen through the waist level finder, is that normal? or is my PME unaligned or broken?
Remove your focusing screen and turn it 90 degrees. This puts your split image vertical. Then focus on the persons lips. Works for me every time!
Thanks Terry a very useful tip.

Just to be sure a few copies from the PM(E) manual that describe how to adjust the eyepiece.

PME 45 layout.jpg

PME 45 eyepiece adjustment.jpg

The PM(E) 45 allows for adjustment to the vision of the user.
Before anything this needs to be adjusted for correct compensation.
If you can not get a clear view by adjusting there are other lenses available to enlarge the range of correction.
The standard lens will do in most cases.


  • PME 45 layout.jpg
    PME 45 layout.jpg
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  • PME 45 eyepiece adjustment.jpg
    PME 45 eyepiece adjustment.jpg
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thanks for the tip terry, very nice one!

Paul, my Prism doesn't look like that one, looks more like this:

Now i cannot find a way to do steps 1, 4 and 5

thanks so much for your help

Bild 002.jpg

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I removed an image that is protected by copy right to save this forum claims from the copy right owner.
Please do not upload images for which you do not have copy right!
I inserted a picture of a similar finder.

The finder described as 45 PME was mistaken for a PME 45 by me.
Older prisms have no built in dioptre adjustment.
They can only be adapted by changing the lens in the eyepiece.


  • Bild 002.jpg
    Bild 002.jpg
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