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New Member
1. How good is FlexColor to edit an image?

I am getting acquantied to 4.8.3 and, in my opinion, it is not very good. It offers only a few controls and it is not very user friendly. Am I missing something?

2. How can I see the image in actual pixels? I get a pixelated image as soon as I start to zoom in.

3. If I right click on a .fff file and Open With FlexColor 4.8.3 I get "Application Error"

This requires me to open FlexColor and then Import.

How can I just click on the .fff file to open it in FlexColor?

4. Any chance that Adobe Camera Raw will ever read .fff files?

5. If I want to apply filters etc. that FlexColor does not offer, what is the best workflow?

a. Import the .fff file into FlexColor
b. Save it as .dng
c. Open in CS3 ....

Apparently, this loses the DAC correction. If so, is there a way to keep the DAC and have the flexibility that CS3 offers?