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Flexcolor - Using Mirror Up and Self Timer


New Member
When controlling the camera from Flexcolour, if I shoot in mirror-up/2 second self-timer mode, when I click on 'Capture' the camera takes the shot and it appears on my laptop screen, but the back freezes and I get the Restart Back error message.

If I raise the mirror and just press the shutter button, there is no problem. The laptop captures the image and the back is readied for the next shot.

Any way to cure this?

And while I'm at it.......the mirror up/self-timer mechanism is long-winded to put it mildly! Having to press the button hidden under the grip twice and then! press the shutter button is ridiculous. The sooner they take a leaf out of Canon's book on this the better. Avoiding mirror slap has to be something many Hassie users seek, so it should be made a one-touch feature.


Hi, Dinarius. I own the H1-film only. I was never able to afford the digital updating. Too bad for me. I had the same problem you're facing with needing to avoid mirror slap for the sharpest possible image. I presented my problem to the technical expert in Fairfield, NJ and he talked me through setting up the following: I push the user button first, then depress the shutter button. Here's what then happens: the mirror snaps up and remains up for 4 seconds; then the shutter releases; then the mirror drops down. Since I only work on a tripod this is perfect for me. When I have some action in a scene I have learned to predict the sequence and timing of activities: for instance guessing when a gondolier will arrive at a particular position in a pre-visualized scenario. Of course, I often fail; living with these failures is nicely counterbalanced by the unanticipated successes I sometimes experience. Directions for this setup are also listed in the H1 manual, but they were too complicated for me to install without instruction.
A further value to this method is that you don't have to use it. If you want to just snap the picture then go for it without engaging the user button.