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FlexColor 481 released


New Member
I just downloaded the new versin of 4.8.1, have not tried all the features, except the assignment of WB/ISO to the old DRIVE button.

Following is the info from Hasselblad web site:

The modifications on the body firmware which we informed about last Friday have been tested thoroughly, and we are pleased to announce that FlexColor 4.8.1 Mac+Win is available for download from our homepage.

FlexColor 4.8.1 fully supports the performance and features of the new H3DII.

Features include:
• Direct ISO/White Balance control from the new ISO/WB button (previous DRIVE button).
• New thumbwheel control of the complete digital menu system. Activated by a double half-press on the release button. (this is available for all H3D products after upgrade to 4.8.1).

Enhanced noise reduction algorithm.
The preservation of details in shadow areas is improved significantly with this software release. On low exposure images noise is much less apparent and you can select your choice of noise removal without sacrificing details. The appearance of the noise reduction tool has not changed.

Fully synchronized exposure window.
The exposure window is now fully synchronized with camera settings for exposure time, aperture and ISO. This gives you full control of these camera features from the software when shooting tethered.

New Custom Options.
This new menu allow for custom settings of:
• Backup mode from CF card to ImageBank
• Folder creation mode when connecting to ImageBank
• Tilt sensor mode
• Menu control from thumbwheels (on/off)
• Display behaviour at trigger half press
Nice, Juergen will be pleased: "Tilt sensor mode"

(sorry, just couldn't resist ;-)

In general it is nice to see that a lot of improvements can be made by improving the firmware of the back, instead of by physical modifications to it.

Hi Peter,

it should have been available by now already. But i think it will take a bit more time than Hasselblad said. It was said that a beta will be available in autumn 2007 which they missed already. I red on the flexframe group that they presented an alpha version at some Hasselblad event not too long ago which is still troupled. So my guess iss: *maybe* at the end of the first quarter 2008.

Greetings Andy

Yes ,Wilko , makes me smile , TILT SENSOR MODE

But , honestly , what is TILT SENSOR MODE ? ? ?

Will PHOCUS replace FLEXCOLOR ? ? ?
If so , its launch will shurely be dalayed , as there is a download FLEXCOLOR Version 4.8.3 on the american HASSELBLAD site since a couple of days . (It is not available on the german site yet) .
Ok , Andy , onions on my eyes .

In the past , I always got an E-mail from HASSELBLAD , indicating , that a new version is available . Did I miss it this time ? ? ?

Do you have that version installed ? And if so , do you experience any trouble ?
As there is no upgrade of the firmware , do you have to connect the CFV BACK using the FW cable ?

Hi Jürgen,

i never got an e-mail form Hassi about this as far as i can remember (might mean nothing after new years party ;)). I use it since my dback is back form Danmark without trouble - but i do not use it tethered and with live view. But i did not read anything

about troubles on the flexframe group so it seems to be a stable version.

FC 4.8.3 does contain a FW upgrade which was already installed in my CFV after service. The version is V233.


Thanks Andy .

I will do the upgrade today . As an upgrade of firmware takes place , the FW cable is required .
Regards Jürgen

I have not used my CFV back in the last 6 weeks , but what I can report is , that the TOY is still at the correct value , whithout haveing the BACK powered on in these 6 weeks .

Just a day before X-MAS , I finally got the modified backframe of my ARCA-SWISS 6x9 and the ROTASLIDE ADAPTER . I can now use the sliding adapter with my APO-SIRONAR DIGITAL 5,6/35mm lens . I got the slide adater to avoid a permanent attach/detach of the CFV BACK between different captures . I will report details , as soon as I have the first images .

Jürgen, let us know how things work out. I've been using a Rodenstock 35mm HR lens on my A/S 6x9 camera with a Kapture Group sliding back. It's been working great, although such a short lens makes screen viewing difficult. I preferred the HR version due to the longer flange focal length of that lens. It allows me full movements even with a sliding back.
I have installed FLEXCOLOR 4.8.3 with no problems , but had to detach the battery , to get the CFV back powered down . As with all previous updates of FLEXCOLOR .


I can currently not post images taken with the APO-SIRONAR DIGITAL 5,6/35mm , as we had a very cold period here , with the highest temperature of -10C . The CFV does not work at that temperature . And I wanted to take images outside my house .

The backside of my ARCA-SWISS 6x9 F-LINE METRIC backframe has been modified.
The frame is about 4mm thinner now and the APO-SIRONAR DIGITAL 5,6/35 can now be used with the ROTASLIDE adapter with no problems . This modification was neccessary for focus on infinity .

I decided to use the ARCA-SWISS sliding back , because I wanted all from ARCA on the one side , and could check all details , when I visited the small ARCA plant last year . They are only about 350km away from my place .

The rotate feature is of course not needed when using a square sensor or a A12 magazine , but I can also use the ARCA screen and a 6x9 film magazine . Here the rotate feature is nice to have .

The setup for the CFV is as follows : on the viewer side of the slideing adapter , I use the HASSELBLAD screen adapter (41057) , which is also used for the FLEXBODY + the RMfx , DPS 4x4 or any other viewer . On the right side is the CFV back .

You can also use the ARCA 6x9 ground glass as a viewer , but then you have no magnification , which I find , is not a good solution .

If you have any specific questions , please come back and I will try to answer them .


While waiting for better temperatures outside you have some time to look at the Flexframe forum.
That will tide you over.

Hi Jürgen,

i was yesterday out with my 503CWD - it was pretty cold yes. But the Back worked perfectly and flawlessly. What trouble would you expect? I know it is stated that it works only till 0 degree celsius - but that was stated for all photographical equipment i use - even the D2X.

But this beast wont give up in the cold before i am frozen. ;) Bist du ein Weichei um raus zu gehen um uns Bilder zu machen? *ggg* (nicht

böse gemeint!).


It's been very cold in the USA as well, but due to go over the freezing mar k this weekend. I have used my Phase back in 10-15F temperatures without an y problem, but definitely understand your reluctance after the problems you 've had with the CFV. The Hass 41057 is a great solution since it uses the Acute Matte screens. With very wide lenses these screens really help with v iewing. You can also use the Flexbody correction slides if you need to shif t the lens. My results using the 35mm HR lens on my Arca 6x9 have been grea t. I do have to limit my shifts to about 8mm due to the tighter image circl e.

According to the LINOS data sheets for the APO-SIRONAR DIGITAL 5,6/35mm (figures in brackets are for the HR version)

Total length 58,8 mm (80,4) , image circle 105 mm (70mm) , AOV 111 (90) degrees ,
shift horizontal/vertical for a 37x37 sensor = 31/31mm total (11/11) .

Due to the existing design of my ARCA + slide adapter , I can do a total shift of 28mm for horizontal/vertical shift , which I think is sufficient enough for what I want to do .

I get the full shift values for the APO-GRANDAGON 5,6/45mm .

Other slide adapters will produce slightly different figures .


I hate winter as much as I can and I will never get used to it .