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Flash synchronisation rear


New Member
I plan to shoot some pictures with relative low speed (i.e. 1/25 or 1/8) and I would like to use a flash and the end of the exposure (it is called "rear" on my Nikon).

Does anyone know if this is possible with my Blad camera (500 CM) and, if yes, what flash is necessary???

Thanks in advance

>The efect on the nikon is rear curtain sync means that the flash goes of right before the second curtain closes, giveing a natural movement of natural lightsources like moving candles etc. With the 500 you hav optics with central shutters so I really not shure what happens - You have the advantage of sync on all speeds even the 1/500 sec but i dont know about delaying the flash sync until just before closing the shutter
Sorry for my last reply not being in the proper "section" of the email. What I said was ....

"I do not think it is possible on the regular Hassy 500 series. It is a new feature on the XPan II. Not sure about the "F" series bodies."

> Pocket Wizard makes radio slaves for triggering your flash wirelessly. > they can be adjusted to delay for the length of your exposure to give > a "rear curtain" effect with a leaf shutter. You get two units. Each > can be either a transmitter or receiver. They are extremely handy but > very expensive. I don't remember the price but I'm thinking they were > something like 500.00 USD apiece. Maybe it was for the pair?...

The pc sync on the side of 500C/M was disconnected. On the 500C, it will work the flash, but only at speeds of 1/15 second or longer.

The PC synch socket on the body is connected to the auxillary shutter in the back of the Hasselblad body. This PC synch contact is triggered when the doors are open, which (unless something is very wrong) is well before the lens shutter opens...

So should you hook up an electronic flash to the body PC synch socket, the flash will have fired well before the shutter in the lens even begins opening. And that at any and all speeds.

You can only use the "body-synch" when using shutterless lenses.