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Flash recommendations


New Member
Hey all,

As I'm becoming more comfortable with my Hasselblad, I'm getting the urge to add a flash to my kit to experiment with when doing portraits and such. Nothing fancy, just a simple flash that would be good to learn on while still giving decent results. Preferably something I can pick up relatively cheaply on E-Bay, though I may ultimately end up splurging on a new unit. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.
Some considerations:

(1) Usage - are you using it in studio, or outdoor, or even wedding photography at Church or something? This will decide the Guide Number (GN) of the flash.
(2) TTL or not - if you have a non-TTL camera - like me - then almost any flash will do. Otherwise, choose the right flash with SCA390 adapter for Hasselblad.

Some good choices include Metz 44 series (very compact) or 60 series (with powergrip handle). When using small flashes please do purchase a Hasselblad Flash Assessory as well.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm using a non-TLL Hassy; an old 500C. I would probably be using flash almost exclusively indoors for individual or group shots/environmental portraiture, musicians being some of my most common subjects.

I will look into the Metz units you mentioned. Thanks again!
My pleasure.

For me, I am using a 20-year old Metz 32CT3 and there is no problem with it. Maybe changing to a 44 series but not much money to spend...maybe trading it is a good idea.

Does anyone have a recommendations for a ring flash that would be good for macro with the 120mm/CFE or the 80mm/CFE, with and without extension tubes. I would prefer an auto TTL ring flash and am using the 203FE body.