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Flash for XPan


New Member
What is a good Flash for an XPan? I was using my XPan I at the L.A. Auto Show and the Panorama format was excellent for taking pictures of the Ferrari's and Maybach's but could have used a little more lighting.
I've been asking the same question. The Metz 54MZ looks pretty good, though it is big. Covers 24mm, which you need if you're using the std XPan lens.
I've been looking for a flash for my SWC, and the feedback was that using a Stofen omni-bounce was a viable solution. I suspect the same would apply to the XPan based on the lens coverage angles. The vivitar 285 might be a good flash choice. It has the necessaty flashshoe, is reasonably small, and the Stofen is available for it.
PS: Make sure to tape all but the center contact surface of the xpan's hotshoe, though, to avoid short circuiting any flash with more than just one center contact!
45mm lens on Xpan is the same as 25mm lens on any 35mm camera. So any flash you can use on 35mm camera with a 25mm lens should also cover 45mm lens on Xpan.