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First impressions


Just finished processing my first film and must say I was instantly mesmerized by everything. First the viewfinder blew me away, it was like sticking my head into a small hole only to discover a large room where you need to turn right and left to take everything in. I only hoped the images would look as good, and despite some mistakes I was not let down. Pictures from the H1 carry more detail and far greater dynamic range than my Canon 5D, and the pictures seem to have more soul to them. Color has been a slight issue but some of the film I used seemed to translate color better than others, although processing has been completely out of my hands (really like the provia color slide film, any other recommendations appreciated). I'm ordering a polaroid back to help my instinctive digital workflow and will post results later. Any help or cc is humbly accepted.



Hello Alex,

Judging from the picture you are doing fine with the H1 camera.
Please note the forum likes pictures to be uploaded instead of linked.
That way it will not become a "Swiss cheese" after the site the link leads to no longer exists.

Simply click the paperclip about in the center of the toolbar and take it from there.
If you need assitance with upload please contact me.