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First impressions



Dear members,

Hasselblad just announced a new Hasselblad XPan II.

Improvements incorporated into the XPan II system include:

· Shutter speed and exposure information visible in a viewfinder LCD display
· Multi exposure (up to nine exposures)
· B-time prolonged to maximum of 540 s
· Self-timer delay with 2 s or 10 s option
· Flash sync at the beginning or the end of the exposure
· Improved IR film performance for high speed B&W IR film
· Rewind of film with option to leave a film tip out of the cassette
· Electrical remote control release (optional release cord)
· Diopter lens with locking system
· Lens shade for 45 mm and 90 mm lenses with locking device

It will be available end of April (which is actually now). No prices available yet. The link to the official press release is here:

The official Hasselblad site does not support direct links, so just click on the homepage on the picture at the upper left corner.