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First impressions



The Hasselblad 2000FC came on the market around 1977. With the 2000FC Hasselblad turned back to the focal plane shutter system (of the pre-1957 1000F and 1600F)

But there have been many complaints with the shutter curtains, so Hasselblad introduced the 2000FC/M as an improvement of the 2000FC from 1981-1984.

Between 1984-1987 the 2000 FCW was produced with a removable winder which fits on the manual wind crack.

1988-1990 the 2003 FCW was produced. This is the last one in the 200x series. It has a palpas internal coating and the Acute-matte screen.

Can you remember the switching diagram you posted in the thread 2000FCW I opened .
The switches which we see looking at the image linked to above , must be the switches we were talking about . The problem with my 201F is not cured but I just remove the batteries and thats it .
The batteries in the 2000FCW and in my 203FE are still alive , although beeing in the the camera since I last updated the thread .

It was a diagram of the 2000 FC/M, i believe. But i guess the switches wil be the same.

I'll attach the diagram to a private mail. It will be unreadable when downsized to fit this forum.
Hi Isidor,

Resistors... tons of resistors! Plus 2 adjustable resistors of cheap quality. Bah!

I happen to be an EE, and the parts chosen are not what I would expect in a camera of the standing and quality level of a Hasselblad. I guess that Austin will understand what I mean here.

Does this help clarifying the "bah" ?

It does.
But since these "bah" thingies work perfectly well, it apparently is a good "bah" from a functional point of view, and only a bad "bah" from an engineer's aesthetics point of view.

I can't find your email addresse anymore. Can you send it to me?
As far as i can see, the personal message feature here does not allow attachments, so it will have to be 'direct'.
It's a 1977 model ! 30 years old !
Perhaps the first Hassy I wanted to buy before I understand that the longs numbers array was the prize not the serial.

Ton of resitors "glued" with gold. If I succed to repaire this one, I will put glass window to show the "Ton of resistors over golden plate".

It's 1970's art. I remember an advertising that showed the "ton of resistors" !
Hi Wilko (I think I’ve spelled it Wilco in another post, sorry!),

> I happen to be an EE, and the parts chosen are not what I would expect > in a camera of the standing and quality level of a Hasselblad. I guess > that Austin will understand what I mean here.

I do understand, but keep in mind the age of this design. Today, it would (if done by an EE, not an ME that is) probably be done quite differently. I must admit, I am surprised, seeing the insides of it, that it operates as reliably and trouble free as it does. The thu-hole resistors are actually more reliable than SMT (at least back them), but the switches seem pretty bogus IMO, as does the unsealed variable resistor...those are notorious for failure.


Hi Isidor,

Gold plated copper on glassfiber-reinforced epoxy circuitboard. Nothing wrong with that :) Very stable stuff. This is what you saw (it is getting rare, due to cost) in high-end professional test & measurement equipment for ex&le.

My 'bah' was directed solely at the adjustable resistors they picked.

Hi Austin,

You hit the bulls-eye: I would have used a sealed adjustable resistors ;-)

The switches can be OK, assuming they are nicely gold plated (difficult to see on the picture).

My two cents:

The 2000FC/M not only got the switch that opened the shutter to protect the curtains as soon as the filmback was removed but the electronic circuit for the shutter was improved at the same time.

The 2000FC in good working condition is a rare body nowadays.