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First impressions



Yes, these are the REAL classic cameras

The 500c came out in 1957. It was the first camera which uses lenses with internal leave shutter for Hasselblad. The Hassies before (1000F and 1600F) have been fovcal plane shutters.

This resulted in higher flash speeds. The camera itself was basically only a mirror reflex box.

The 500C/M came out in 1970 and was produced til 1994. The major difference to the 500C was the possibility to change the focussing screen, no costum adaption necessary anymore).

Strangewise have the 500C/M of the first production still the 500C logo on the right side - do not ask me why...

The 500C/M had some modifications within its 20 years of production, but unfortunately there is now way to know which one with which model unless you have one in your hands. No special signature was made on the body for a newer, improved series of the 500C/M.

From 1990 on, the 500C/M was often sold as "classic" in a package with 80mm and A12. It was replaced in 1994 by the 501C.
When the company switched production from 500C to 500C/M the interchangeable screen C/Ms were still marked as C while (I expect) the older nameplates were used up.

I have never figured out what the M actually stood for. Anyone speak Swedish?


The "M" stands for "modified". The modification, of course, being that the ground glass was able to be changed by the user.

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The year can be determined from the letters in the serial number as follows:

v h p i c t u r e s, where v=1, h=2, p=3, etc
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

So my "Classic" serial begins with ES and was made in 1990. I thought they went to '96...someone above says '94, which would be "EIxxxxx"