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First impressions



The 205 FCC is the technically most advanced body in the Hasselblad 6x6 system, although extremely pricy.

It was introduced in 1991 as 205TTC and in 1995 renamed to 205FCC to conform with the naming protocols of the other 2 focal plane cameras and after incorporating a variety of improvements.

The 205FCC has a shutterspeed from 34s to 1/2000s with the focal plane shutter in the body and max. 1/500 with the build in shutter of the lens. So you have the option to choose, if you have the appropriate lens mounted.

TTL metering, different program modes (A,T,M), centerweighted and spot metering, bracketing, TTL flash metering, flash speed on body shutter 1/90, on lens shutter 1/500s and "Zone-modus".

The 205FCC is basically the answer to the wishes of some Hassy users who wnat to have a modern camera with all technological possibilities also for Medium Format. Some kind of answer to the Rollei 6000 system.

You can use FE/CFi/CFE/CF and CB lenses with it.

Is this a "forum"in the Ethymologic term ?
Questions,informations,shared by everyone?
Or an advertising Info message from a brand?
A pure Q and A forum - a novice like myself learns more by eavesdropping on these forums than from anyplace else I've found. The "sister" version for Contax users is an unbelievably effective forum from novice to expert level and hopefully this will develop as fully as that one. Camera stores get rare plugs from their clients from time to time seem not to be too bad a distraction. Dirk has been a great webmaster and kept the threads well organized as you'll see. I'll end up chastised because this response doesn't belong in this thread (I know I should know better).

Ken Pops
My understanding is that this camera has a feature to simulate N+/N- development compensation required for the zone system. How does this camera do that though? Does it alter the effective ISO per exposure or what?

I would recommend the Hasselblad Manual written by Ernst Wilde and published by Focal Press to obtain the answers to your questions.


hey: I The lens nor the tube will disengage from the camera now. I finally read the directions that came with the tube and see I should not have mounted the tube to the lens first, but the tubve to the camera body then the lens to the tube.
Anybody know how to fix this problem? How do I get the lens and tube off the camera without the old hammer?

What tube are you referring to?

Try winding the camera; you cannot release the lens if it has not been wound.

Also refer to the trouble shooting pages in your owner’s manual.

Thanks Gilbert for the swift rsvp!
I have all E tubes, but the one I'm stuck on is the 56E.
I cannot wind the film advance lever (the dark slide is out or in place). I cannot budge the tube (depressing the camera's lens release) or the lens (pressing the release catch on the tube). Kind of really irksome... I have no manual- long gone. Any other ideas? Thanks, Wick
I would recommend the Hasselblad Manual written by Ernst Wilde and published by Focal Press to obtain the answers to your questions.

Thanks, that is very helpful and friendly, NOT. What is a forum for if you can't ask a question like this. You could probably apply that answer to just about every freeking camera related question. RTFM.... yeah right... thanks